Thursday, February 16, 2017

We have been vacationing and wintering in Rockport TX. on the Gulf of Mexico.  Rockport is a small fishing town near Corpus Christie.  It is also across from North Padre Island at Port Aransas. We usually take a ferry to get there. This whole area is just beautiful and the weather is pretty nice most of the time.  It is about a six hour drive from our home in DFW.  Last winter we went to Florida but I think we are enjoying our time here even more than Florida.  The only draw back from not being in Florida is we have many friends and family there.  I will be posting more pictures of our vacation soon.

Bob and Barb on the Beach at Port Aransas, TX

Jane, Jake and Ben on the River Walk in San Antonio

Casey, Peyton, Jack, Jordan, John and Puppy Louis in the beach at Port Aransas

Brent, Jake and Angie at the Beach at Port Aransas

Rob, Joy, Brooke and Austin at the beach at Port Aransas TX.

Happy Belated Birthday Angie!

Bob and I have been vacationing and wintering in Rockport TX.  Angie had a birthday last week and we want to wish her a Happy Birthday.  We will celebrate her when we get home.  She is at the beach in Port Aransas.  The kids came down the first week in January with us. I am posting a few pictures of the kids and the Corpus Christi area above this post.  

Thursday, December 15, 2016

This past month has brought some bitter with the sweet.  I posted a picture of John.  He had a birthday right before Thanksgiving.  My niece Lisa had a new baby.  Little Daisy Darling is so cute! I also had another birthday. I am always thankful for another one but I think I am in denial of my age. Time goes so quickly.

My ex-mother-in-law passed away last week.  She was 90. Bob and I would visit her in the nursing home when we visited Lafayette. She was the Grand-mother to my children. She loved gardening in her younger years, made delicious homemade noodles and had many homemaking talents.  She was a happy, up beat person.  RIP  Martha, you will be missed.

Our son-in-law Brent lost his Mom last week also.  Jill was only 62.  She had brain cancer and passed away unexpectedly with complications from the chemo. For several years we would see Jill at family events and sometimes with Brent and Angie.  But, it wasn't until she became very ill we got to really know her.  She was incredible with her fight to win the battle with brain cancer.  She had a cheerful attitude even when we knew she was not feeling well.  Bob and I visited her for many times while she was in the hospital and nursing home.  We just kind of hung out for hours.  We had a lot of laughs and even made some plans for when she would finish her treatment.  We are still in shock and feel so sad about her passing. There are no words to how bad we feel for Brent and Angie. I am happy though, we had the chance to get to really know her.  RIP Jill.

Daisy Darling

My niece Lisa had a new baby.  Daisy Darling, is a month old here.

Happy Belated Birthday to John!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Last week Robert (young Bob) had a birthday.  Happy Birthday Robert!

The new president elect is Donald Trump. (no comment at this time)

My niece Lisa had a new baby girl. Congratulations to Lisa and Nick and to the Grand-parents Silas and Hollie.  Pictures will come later.

Angie had her 2nd MRI which comes every two months.  The results was good. There is no cancer activity showing around the remaining tumor.  She had several seizures since her surgery so they increased her Kepra and advised Valium should she feel a seizure is coming on. Her doctor suggests she not be under any stress both mentally and physically. I hope all of these things will help her. All in all it was good news.

Angie's mother-in-law Jill also has a brain tumor.  She had one Chemo treatment (a week in the hospital) and today she started her second round of treatments.  They are planning four one week treatments with a couple of weeks in between each treatment.  Please keep Jill in your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Happy Belated Birthday to our Grand-son Austin!  He turned 18 last week.  Austin we are so proud of the young man you have become and love you so much.  Some of us got together for dinner to celebrate.  The Japanese Restaurants are very delicious and entertaining.