Monday, December 15, 2014

Bob using the Saebo.

Bob is using what is called a Saebo.  It aids in closing and opening his hand. It has been helping him more than any other exercise aid.

In the past couple of weeks he has been getting a massage and it is helping a little with the pain in his shoulder.  
Thanksgiving has come and gone. We had a smaller group but I didn't take many pictures. Until Bob is a little more mobile I have my hands full just taking all of the things he needs when we go somewhere. The camera is too much. I did upgrade my phone with a nicer camera and editing capabilities. I'll probably take pictures with that for a while. I hope to get a lot of pictures at Christmas. Ben, Jane and Jake are coming the week of Christmas and we are very excited to spend time with them. I had a birthday last week.

I am always happy to get another birthday. Bob says " getting older is contageous" " if you hang around long enough you will catch it."
Bob works every day as if it is his job going to therapy and doing the exercises. His walking has improved a lot. He graduated from an arm cane to a regular cane. His study at UT ended last week. We go a couple of times this week for tests so they can evaluate the results. He is doing Occupational Therapy a couple of times a week. His shoulder brings him a lot of pain which makes it difficult for him to do exercises. But, he keeps trying. They are trying to make a decision about what to do about the pain. The most difficult thing is just doing the normal everyday things that we all do without thinking most of the time. For instance, getting ready for the day. Showering, dressing, struggling with compression socks, braces and more. It's so time consuming. I have started to allow 2 hours just get myself ready and assist Bob with his needs. Otherwise we are late for appointments. We still have a lot of hope and realize Bob is very fortunate to still be here. It is just going to take longer than we originally thought. The best way for us to deal with this is to go back to how he was originally and see the progress since. Bob's attitude keeps us both going.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

This week John and Brooke both had birthdays. We will probably celebrate over Thanksgiving when everyone gets together.
Other than that things are about the same.  Bob is spending his days going to therapy and seeing doctors. He is trying to manage his pain in his shoulder by medication and different methods of therapy. I didn't realize that so much pain and cramping of the muscles came along with a stroke. Hopefully this will be under control soon.  He is walking better every day.  He is struggling with his shoulder, arm and hand but that is also making some slow improvements.

Happy Birthday to John and Brooke!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

While I am on a roll posting I will add this picture of Bob and I along with Rob and my sister Rhoda and Bob's brother Lee.

They were all here over the past weekend and we had a great time.  We knew Lee was coming but surprised that Rob and Rhoda had a load in Dallas with a few days available to visit.  Rob and Rhoda drive truck cross country but seldom get a chance to stop for long.  It was also really nice getting to spend time with Lee.

Dinner at Kona, Barb, Bob, Rob, Lee and Rhoda

This afternoon Bob was a part of a study with the students at the UT Therapy School.  They analyzed his walk and leg and foot functions and suggested treatments as part of their study and training.  They also attached some electric stimulation to his legs and watched him walk.  Bob said it felt weird but was helpful in walking.

If you follow my blog or are family or a friend you will know I had Polio when I was a child.  My right side was stricken with weakness and my right foot and leg are still a challenge for me more and more as I get older.
Karen heads the UT Students and does the UT Studies that Bob is a part of.  She said she was worried about my walk and offered to examine my foot and try and help me get into a better situation for a brace.  These words were golden to me as I have not been able to get anyone to understand my needs. As Bob has been attending the therapy sessions I have watched all of the patients come and go with their streamlined braces. I think I was having "brace envy." The braces I have had have been absolutely worthless to me.  Karen also noticed my left foot has a drop. On her own time she gave me a brace for each foot to try.  I am trying them out and they seem to be exactly what I need.  I have to get used to them and she is going to try and attach something softer around my ankle.  (the right foot and ankle turns drastically)  I will of course pay for the braces and she said they were inexpensive.  How can you even put a price on something that will help you to walk.  Karen, where have you been all of my life.  I have been to several doctors and brace people and no one has seemed to care enough or know enough to be able to help me.  I am so grateful.  How can you repay someone for something like that?    
Today is young Bob's birthday.  We love you and hope you have a great day!

Happy Birthday Young Bob!

Monday, November 3, 2014

What's new with Bob?

There are many improvements every day but they are small. People who see Bob maybe once a week will notice the progress more than Bob or I will.  Our days have been filled with a lot of driving to Dallas and Grapevine to see various therapists.  When Bob is not seeing a therapist and at home he is constantly doing exercises.

At one of Bob's study therapy sessions last week they took him upstairs to a lab where there were several video cameras coming from different angles pointed from the ceiling.  They attached several sensors to his body to capture the movement while he walked.  I hope I get the see those results.  It was very interesting.

Bob is walking more and has more movement in his arm.

The photo below was taken a few day after Bob came home from the hospital. The kids got together and ordered some T-shirts. I thought something was going on when everyone disappeared for a few minutes.  They danced down the steps carrying a radio playing the theme song from Rocky wearing those shirts. It was a big production. We really appreciate the support we get from our family.  

Win Bob Win

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My friend Helen and I took our art/lunch time to a different level this time.  We gathered items to build a box with a mirror and a place for Bob to put his left hand so he cannot see it.  While looking through the mirror his right hand is moving and his brain thinks his left hand is the mirror image. Studies have shown this is very successful in getting the left hand and fingers to move after many repetitions.