Thursday, December 30, 2010

On our way home we stopped in Indianapolis at the auto auction. Some of my brothers either have a car lot or are working with buying cars for a car lot as an employee. My brother Joe is the number sixth sibling down from me. His birthday is my half birthday. On the other side of me is Phil, my youngest brother and the youngest in the family. It was great to see them even though it was a short visit. I also found it interesting because I have never been to an auto auction. The only brother I did not get to see on our trip was Al. I couldn't reach him to schedule a time. We were disappointed about that but maybe next time.

The photo below was taken with my I- phone.

Joe, Me and Phill

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I have seven brothers and four sisters and I am the oldest. Many of them live in the Chicago area and Indiana. When we go to see my daughter and her family we also try very hard to see as many members of our family as possible. Bob is also one of seven and four of them near Chicago. While in Indiana we met three of my brothers at a restaurant near the lake. It is easier if we can find a meeting place where everyone can visit at once. I was noticing my brothers always seem to have a smile on their face.

Teri and my brother Stan

Jeff (long time family friend) and Bob

Tim and his wife Linda

My Brothers Luke and Tim

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yesterday being Christmas and because of hosting a house full of people I didn't get my camera out. Sometimes you get too busy and caught up in the moment. I will probably regret at least not asking Bob to take some pictures but sometimes the memories are good enough.

Back to our trip to Indiana: Bob and I picked up my sister Pam then my cousin Larry and drove to Frankfort to visit my Aunt Geneva. I attended school in Frankfort until I was in the eighth grade. After spending some time with Aunt Geneva we took a ride in my childhood neighborhood. My grade school was torn down and there was just an empty lot. The house I grew up in was still there but looked totally different. It was not very well kept and it had been changed without the best interest of the original Victorian design. The apple tree was gone and the beautiful flowers and shrubs that my Mom planted and maintained were gone. I felt kind of sick in the pit of my stomach. I didn't take a picture and hope the drive by doesn't forever ruin the more beautiful images of my memories of so many years ago.

My Cousin Larry

My Sister Pam, Aunt Geneva and Me

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I will answer a few questions by attempting to explain my beer signs more clearly.

My husband is a huge fan of Shiner because he loves the flavor.

The signs were done with a Texas/Western flare because Shiner is brewed in Shiner Texas. The melted bottle below is in front of the Texas flag and the one below that has a rope wrapped around the bottle with the painted barbed wire framing the picture.

Brewed in Texas

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Beer - Cheers!

My husband is a huge fan of this beer. I make these signs.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

In search of a warm paradise Bob and I drove to South Padre Island TX. It is just that and we had the island nearly to ourselves. Why? I would be surprised if there were more than a half dozen people in our hotel. The hotel had specials for dinner for under 10.00 and the food was delicious. They offer very affordable packages if you stay for a week or even a month. I am sure the other hotels offer similar deals. It seemed to be nearly a ghost town. There were very few people driving in the streets. I am not a fan of crowds so I loved it. But I still keep wondering why there were so few people. The weather was perfect. I really think more people should take advantage of not having to leave the country to be in beautiful and warm place. Especially Texans and some of the close surrounding states where one can drive. We are planning to make South Padre an annual destination and next time we hope to stay a week or two.

Beautiful Flowers in Bloom on South Padre Island

Huge Mounds of Sand at the North End Of the Island

From the North End of the Island Looking South Toward Town

View from the Sheraton Hotel In South Padre Island

Bob and Me on the Beach at South Padre Island

This photo was taken using the timer on the camera.

Wind Surfing at South Padre Island

We caught this guy in mid air.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inspired by my sister-in-law Maria's table scapes I made this little crafty center piece for our table for Thanksgiving.

While everyone including myself is getting ready for Christmas I still have a few more photos to post from Thanksgiving.

We had Ben, Jane and Jake with us from Chicago. And we were also visited by Donna, Howard, and Chris. Casey's parents and Brittany also were here. Our neighbors Kim and Tapio came for dinner and brought their son Carlo. Rob's sister Carrie was here for dinner. And of course our Texas kids and grand kids attended except for Robert who was sick.

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece


Casey, Jane in background getting into the frig.

Diana, Casey's Mom




Our neighbors Kim and Tapio and thier son Carlo,

John, Brent, Carlo and Ben


Donna (Angie's Mom) and Angie


Joy and Jane

Jack and Peyton

Rob and His Sister Carrie

We were so happy to have Carrie with us on Thanksgiving.

Friday, December 10, 2010

While Ben, Jane, and Jake were here over Thanksgiving the boys were, I think it is called sport fishing? They catch the fish then through them back into the water. They did unbelievably well. Who says there are no fish in this lake.

Jake and Austin with Ben

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beautiful Birthday Cake!

The kids went together and bought this beautiful birthday cake for me. It was also delicious! They celebrated on Thanksgiving. Thanks to everyone.

Monday, December 6, 2010

For my birthday which is coming up, Bob arranged a Bed and Breakfast getaway with the romantic package. It was a wonderful experience. The owner, Linda is very nice and has a few intriguing stories about the house. The home was built in 1904 and tastefully decorated in antiques. The house is named after Linda's Grandmother and also the two surrounding streets called Hattie and May. Linda prepared a wonderful breakfast starting with a strawberry yogurt dish followed by waffles, scrabbled eggs and delicious bacon. She does prepare special dishes if the guests require and request it for their diets. We had a wonderful conversation with three great ladies also visiting from Waxahachie TX.

After we left the Bed and Breakfast we ran into the three ladies at World Market shopping. Then we ran into Linda at a restaurant called Buttons. This was all a little coincidental with the exception that Linda did recommend the restaurant. But to run into these people at the same time without any of us knowing we were going to be there was really strange but welcoming. And Linda was meeting her daughter who works at World Market for lunch at Buttons.

Thank you Bob for a very thoughtful, romantic gift and experience.

A Romantic Get-a-way at Hattie May Inn in Ft. Worth TX.

Hattie May Inn - Ft. Worth TX.

Seat Made from a Claw Tub

Fire Place in Living Room Down Stairs

A Turret Portico off of the Sitting Room

Sitting Room Upstairs

Three Lovely Ladies from Waxahachie TX.

They were also guests at Hattie May Inn escaping their families for an annual weekend of shopping and fun from Waxahachie TX.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

While Ben, Jane and Jake were visiting we were able to attend one of Peyton's basketball games. She plays Jr. Varsity for her school. Her team won the game that night and Peyton did very well.

Here are a few images of that game.

Peyton on the Right


John, Ben and Rob in the back and Jack and Austin in the front.

Jane and Brooke

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Robert!

We had another birthday in November and it was Robert's. We were going to celebrate his birthday on Thanksgiving but sadly he was not feeling well and couldn't make it. It's never to late to celebrate someone so maybe we can do something over the Christmas holidays. We all missed Robert and love him very much. I was glad to hear yesterday that he is feeling better.

Robert (Bob)

Monday, November 29, 2010

John's Birthday Celebration!

A few of us went out to dinner at B J's Brewery and celebrated John's birthday last week. This is John's last year before being considered "over the hill." It was a week night and not everyone could make it but we tried to take advantage of Ben, Jane and Jake being here and we squeezed in a lot of activities in a short time. John is a great Son, Husband, Dad and Brother with a great sense of humor. We all love him alot.

John & Casey

Ben and Jane