Monday, January 28, 2013

We had the pleasure of a visit from Bob's brother Lee.  He was working in the Dallas area and was able to spend Saturday and Saturday evening before returning to Chicago the next day.  I took this photo early in the morning before they were awake.  I talked them into posing while they were sleep walking.

We had lunch with Angie, Brent and Brent's mom, Jill.  We also drug Lee around doing errands and attended  Jack's basketball game.  Before returning home we tried out a restaurant we had never been to before.  Bad idea!

It was great to spend time with Lee.

Bob and Lee

Monday, January 14, 2013

At least once or twice a year we try and do a mini vacation visiting places in Texas.  This past weekend we made a trip to Boerne TX.  We first thought the pronunciation sounded like "born" but later discovered it is pronounced like "bernie".  Bob decided we spent the weekend with Bernie, a pun on the movie.  We stayed at Tapatio Springs which is a golf resort.  Even though we took golf clubs the weather was not nice enough to golf. At this time of the year there are very few people there so the price of the resort is very reasonable. So it it worth it to take a chance of being able to golf and if you can't you are staying in a beautiful place for a good price. It is in a hill country setting surrounded by wild life including an abundance amount of deer.  

Boerne is a German town. Many of the restaurants have German food or cook with a German flair.  We had lunch at Little Gretel.  We especially enjoyed the Kolaches.

We spent a few hours walking and  browsing the unique shops in town and strolling through Market Days.  There were benches everywhere which made it easy for me to stay a while.  I would definitely like to go back some day.

Boerne Dam in Boerne TX.

Boerne Dam on the Guadalupe River

Downtown Boerne TX. , Very Quaint!

Market Days at Boerne TX

Little Gretel in Boerne TX.

By the way, those Kolaches were delicious! There is also a Beer Garden in the front that is open in nice weather.

Inside Little Gretel in Boerne TX.

Chandelier at Little Gretel

Deer on the Lawn of the Resort

Upon our return to the resort we saw these deer grazing on the lawn.  We did not have our night lens with us but I thought this shot came out pretty good considering.  We had our car lights shinning on them and they continued to graze for a couple of minutes before they were spooked and ran away.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This picture was taken this past Sunday.  We have been having a drought in this part of Texas.  It started raining yesterday and continued all last night and is still raining.  It is supposed to rain most of today. This is just what we need.  

Haze On Eagle Mountain lake

Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Dinner 2012

Every other year Jane's family comes to visit for Christmas and on the off year they come on Thanksgiving with the exception of last year when we all went to Chicago for Thanksgiving.  This was their year to be here and it always completes our Christmas.  We had a couple of warm days after their arrival and then it turned cold.  We actually had snow and ice on Christmas day.  Angie and Roberts Mom and family were going to come for dinner as well as Tamara and Taryn's families.  They all had to cancel dinner because at that time of the day the weather was almost a white out.  (very unusual for our area of Texas)  Our immediate family came earlier so they were here for dinner.  We prepared so much food with the anticipation of more people being here.  Everything was delicious and wonderful and we were very grateful for everyone here. We are still a large group with just us and we all felt very thankful to have each other for those few hours.

Christmas 2012

Group Family Photo - Christmas 2012

Family Photo - Being Silly


Thursday, January 3, 2013

On Christmas Eve Joy invited the family over for appetizers.  She requested we dress with a little holiday flair.  We had a lot of fun with that.  They also added a table tennis to their pool table and everyone had fun playing.  I forgot how good Bob is although Austin took first place in the table tennis tournament.  I think everyone enjoyed the evening.  Make sure to click on older posts to see all of the images including the group picture on the stairs.

Jane, Ben and Jake were here for a week.  We did several things together and I took a lot of pictures which I will  feature on the blog in the near future.

Austin and Jane Playing Table Tennis with Angie and Brent Watching




Rob and Joy (Cousin Eddie and his Snow Lady)


Angie, (antlers)

Jane (Poinsettia)

Jane made her poinsettia hat.  I love the complete outfit.  She is the prettiest poinsettia I have ever seen.

Jane, Ben and Jake ( Poinsettia and Elves)

Bob and Barb (Tree and Package)

Jane, Jake, Austin and I made the tree Bob is wearing.  The boys painted the bulbs and Jane glued the ribbons.  Bob had an extension cord so that he could light up in every room.  (not lit up in photo) I am the package.

Austin and Jake

Brooke in Santa Hat

Angie and Brent Under the Mistletoe

Family Group Pose on Stairs in Holiday Costume