Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Friday we had the opportunity to attend the graduation of our nephew Daniel at Ft. Sill.  Joy and Rob's family were also able to go.  This was especially nice because we don't often get to see Daniel.  Fortunately, we only live a couple of hours from Ft. Sill. If you remember we also had the privilege of attending our other nephew Josh's graduation at the same place about a year and a half ago. We have had several nephews who have either served or are serving in the military.  We are very proud of all of them and forever grateful for their sacrifices for us.

We spent a wonderful and fun day with Daniel.  After the graduation we returned to the unique "Meers" Restaurant about 13 miles from Ft. Sill.  They have very good hamburgers and the best homemade ice cream  served with cobbler.  The setting of this restaurant lies beneath a small range of mountains.  We included a picture of some buffalo by the mountains.

Joy and Rob's family had to leave so Bob and I took Daniel to the Mall to shop and also went to see the movie "Lincoln."  After the movie we had dinner at "Texas Road House."  Daniel said after six weeks of chicken and fish he really enjoyed a steak dinner.

When Daniel was 17 and in high school he joined the National Guard where he served until now entering the Army.  We wish Daniel the best in his military career.  And our thanks to all who serve.

Daniel, Graduation at Ft. Sill

Where the Buffalo Roam, near Ft. Sill in OK.

Daniel with Second Cousins Brooke and Austin

At "Meer's" Restaurant after Daniel's Graduation at Ft. Sill

Left to right: Bob, Daniel (in back) , Me, Brooke (in Back) Joy, Austin and Rob

Daniel, second from the left, Graduation at Ft. Sill

Badges Presented at Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony at Ft. Sill

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Santa's Coming Back To My House Tonight

Copyrights 1996  Lyrics and Music by Barbara J Cheney

The link above is of a song I wrote about sixteen years ago.  The song was inspired by the realization that two of my now five grand-children were born and that Santa was coming back to my house. This was videoed from the balcony of my living room with my phone.  It amazes me that one can video from their phone and get a somewhat passable quality.  

I hope you enjoy this song especially if you are a grand-parent or hope to be a grand-parent.