Friday, September 23, 2016

RIP Uncle Harvey

This was the last time I saw Uncle Harvey. It was in 2014 a couple of months before Bob's stroke. He is with his daughter Beth and husband Alfredo in the photo. We were saddened to hear he passed away yesterday morning. Our condolences to his son Paul's (deceased) family, his son Danny and his family, his son Steve and his family and his daughter Beth and her family.

When Uncle Harvey walked into a room everyone noticed. It was not only because of his his tall, distinguished, handsome and well dressed stature but he seemed to radiate love. He was kind, always interested in people and never seemed to be judgmental. He was a man of faith and walked closely with God. His actions and way of living were his testimony. He will missed.

My mother often talked of how she and Uncle Harvey sang as a duet together at church as they were growing up. I am visualizing the two of them singing a duet of praise in heaven at this moment.
RIP Uncle Harvey.

Happy Birthday Ben!

                                               Jane and Ben

Ben had a birthday this week.  We were not able to be here for his birthday but I am happy to say we are here now visiting and I got to enjoy a piece of his birthday cake.  Yum!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Try To See the Sunshine Through The Rain"

Times have been a little rough lately but we are all looking up.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

How Is Angie Doing?

About a couple of months ago Angie and Brent took a vacation to Chicago to visit family and friends and to Wisconsin to attend the air show.
While at Jane and Ben's Angie woke up in the middle of the night with her mouth drooling to one side, tingling in her face, arm and hand.  She thought she had a mini stroke but after some tests at the hospital they said she had a seizure. The cause was a brain tumor.  Her symptoms were gone after the hospital visit and they decided to finish their vacation and scheduled a visit with a neurologist at UT Southwestern in Dallas.  She also saw the doctor she had with her Melanoma surgery on her foot  which was done over a year ago.
They were relieved to learn the cancer was not melanoma but a Glioma Cancer.  If it were Melanoma it would have meant it had traveled to the brain from the foot which would have been really bad.  Even though the Glioma was also threatening the chances would be better for treatment and etc.  Two weeks after she came home they did brain surgery. The surgery was successful.  They took out a large percent of the tumor and what remains is level two and dormant at the moment.  She will have to have MRI's every couple of months to make sure there is no activity.  This was more and better than she had expected.  They thought she might have to take a chemo pill.  That won't be necessary unless they see some activity.  Our family and many people have been praying for her.  We are all so thankful at her outcome so far.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

With the three of our kids celebrating anniversaries this weekend and all three couples married 20 years and over, it caused me to think a little about marriage.  This was especially after looking through pictures and selecting the one with Joy and Rob at Zale Hospital in Dallas where they are looking at the new Parkland Hospital being built at that time. Bob had just had his stroke and they and so many were so supportive with prayers and many visits to the hospital.  Marriage isn't all about love and romance but it is caring enough about your partner to help them go through bad times like supporting one another when times are difficult.(Someone to lean on) They have gone through difficult times in the past couple of years concerning other family members also. I have seen this support with them towards each other and it warms and comforts my heart.  

Happy Anniversary Joy and Rob!