Monday, June 25, 2012

Updates on the Grand-daughters so far this summer:

Both Brooke and Peyton are driving.  Yikes!  Even though scary it is helpful to their parents. And, that is a part of growing up.  But how did this happen so fast!  Brooke has a job babysitting and also works at the barn with her horse.  Peyton is attending a class to prep for college exams and Peyton also has a job babysitting.

Brooke and Peyton

Thursday, June 21, 2012


As you know Austin broke his femur in the fall of 2011.  He is doing very well and is now getting back into being able participate in physical activities.  He is presently with his church youth group doing a mission at another city in Texas.  The group is painting a church.  They will also be doing some swimming and fun group activities.

The photo of Jack shows his trophies he received at the end of basketball camp last week.  One of the trophies was having good sportsmanship. To me, that is the most important trophy.

The photo of Jake shows a fish he caught in Lake Geneva.  Jake was told yesterday he would be on the traveling soccer team in his town in Illinois.  He was really hoping to be included in that.


Austin with his Dad, Rob

Jack's Basketball Trophies

Jake's Catch

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In the past couple of weeks Bob has celebrated his birthday and Father's day.  I would like to think his new car is from me but he has been talking about getting a new car for over a year.  After his much over analyzing  what to get and if he should get what, I sent him an email and said "just do it!"  " Although, get any color but silver."  For the past 15 years he has driven a silver car.  His Toyota was a good car but it was too small and cramped his legs and bothered his back.  In the new Hyundai Sonata Hybrid there is plenty of space in all of the seats with a lot of leg room and support for his back. He also gets 40 miles to the gallon.  I am so excited for him.  

Bobio's New Ride

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Today was just a fun day!  The kids came over to celebrate Father's Day.  Rob has been working in the flower beds for a while and almost finished them today with the exception of a few plants that will be added. The others also pitched in to help. Our thanks to Rob and everyone. It looks amazing. Austin mowed the lawn. He has a job doing that for us whenever he wants.  After that everyone played in the water then we took the boat ride to a restaurant at the Marina for dinner.  Angie and Brent met us there. As I looked around the table I felt very blessed and thankful for all of the great Dads in our family.

New Flower Beds Added to our Home

Bob, Brooke and Rob


John and Casey

Brooke and Peyton

View of Marina from Restaurant

Peyton and Austin

John, Brent, Angie and Brooke

Joy with Jack

Me with Bob

Monday, June 11, 2012

This next group of pictures, and you will have to click older posts about 3 times to see them all are of the family reunion my brother Stan hosted a couple of weeks ago.  Being the oldest of 12 nine were there.  I thought that was a pretty good turn out.  I don't even know how many cousins, nieces and nephews were there. I didn't get pictures of everyone and some didn't turn out but here are a few images of that event.

We stayed at my brother Tim's house which is across the lake from Stan's house. They also had Jane, Ben and Jake there.  Thank you Linda and Tim for your gracious hospitality.


Linda, Tim and Bob

Michael, Jake and Aiden

Sister-in-law Linda with Grandson Teddy

Cousin Larry's wife Marlene

My youngest brother Phill and my oldest brother Tim

Cousins Fishing

Long time family friend Dave and also long time family friend Sharon with her Grand-daughter

On the lower deck we have Dave, and Sharon with her grand-daughter.  Both have been friends with our family for years and they both say they are number 13 sibling.  I say Sharon because she came before Dave.  

Rhoda and Rob

Grand Nephew Aiden

Gathering on the Deck

Gabe on the Golf Cart

Nephew Matthew holding his son Teddy

Phill's son Andrew

Luke's daughter Claire and wife Kathleen

Matthew's wife Katie holding Teddy and Phill's wife Nancy

Niece, Heather and Daughter, Jane

Aunt Geneva and Stan

Sister, Rhoda

Sister-in-law, Mary Lou

Grand Nephew Gabe

Brother Luke

My sister Beverley

Cousins, Jennifer and Michael

Kristina, Nephew Josh's Wife

Grand Nephew Jackson

Grand Nephew Aidyn

Aunt Geneva

Jeff, Long time family friend

My Grand Niece Hannah

Smoochy Bob

My brother Stan with Cousin Larry

My Nephew Daniel

Me with my brother Joe