Monday, November 29, 2010

John's Birthday Celebration!

A few of us went out to dinner at B J's Brewery and celebrated John's birthday last week. This is John's last year before being considered "over the hill." It was a week night and not everyone could make it but we tried to take advantage of Ben, Jane and Jake being here and we squeezed in a lot of activities in a short time. John is a great Son, Husband, Dad and Brother with a great sense of humor. We all love him alot.

John & Casey

Ben and Jane

Rob and Joy

Angie and Bob

Brooke and Peyton

Jake, Jack & Austin

When putting three young boys together try to get a good picture of all three. It's not always easy.

Jake, Jack and Austin

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Degree at Amberton University

Last night Angie graduated from Amberton University with her degree in Bachelor of Science - Human Relations & Business. Amberton is a Christian University designed for working adults. Angie attended College for 2 1/2 years full time then started in the work force. She finished her credits on line while working and managing a home. Amberton had a beautiful ceremony for the graduates. Our congratulations to Angie. We are all proud of her accomplishments.

Angie's Graduation

Angie's Mom Donna, brother Chris, and Step Dad Howard

Brent with his Parents, Jill and Tim

Entrance to Ceremony

Bob Escorting Angie

Proud Papa

Diploma in Hand, Congratulations!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back Home Again in Indiana

We stopped in Indiana on our way home from Wisconsin and Chicago to visit relatives. Tim and Linda were very gracious and invited us to stay in their home. We had a wonderful time and saw many friends and relatives. I have more pictures to follow. Because of limited time we didn't get to see everyone but we gave it a try. Thanks Tim and Linda.

From the Back of Tim's House to the Back of Stan's House

If you look at the first house on the left that is shown on the hillside you will be looking at Stan and Terri's home as viewed from the back of Tim's and Linda's house. Stan is one of our other brothers. Both Stan and Tim have very funny stories about spying on each other. I think they have a lot of fun. Sometimes when they want to visit they take a boat ride across the lake.

Close up view of the back of Stan and Terrie's home

Cheney Lift

This lift goes from the top of Tim's home to the lake. Note the name.

View from Tim and Linda's Home

Crouched on a hillside overlooking the lake this photo was taken from the lower balcony. My Grandson noticed that if you turn the photo upside down the picture looks close to the same.


Please keep Tim in your prayers. He is about to undergo another round of chemo and radiation.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

After the wedding we spent a couple of days in Chicago. Although we unfortunately didn't' get to see everyone we did get together with Sy and Hollie at Ben and Jane's for dinner. We met with Bob's sister Mary Ann and her family after steeling a couple of hours of her sleep. She works nights every other week. We also had a wonder dinner with Bob's brother Lee and his wife Maria.

While in Chicago Jake lost a tooth. Jane, Ben and Jake will be with us for Thanksgiving this year and we are very excited.

Jake, His Cute Smile After Loosing His Tooth

Joyce and Andy Playing Their New Game

Mary Ann, Bob and Bill

Monday, November 15, 2010

Last week we went to Madison Wisconsin to attend the wedding of our nephew Thomas and his bride Jamie. Below are some photos of the wedding and reception. Not knowing Jamie and Jamie's family most of the photos are of our side of the family. I guess you could say this is from our family's perception. It was a nice wedding and the bride and groom looked amazing! I want to add that my sister Cece looked lovely. I am sorry to say that we did not get a good picture of Cece's husband Tim. Well, there was one but his eyes were closed and I don't think he would be happy with me if I posted it. Thomas's handsome brother Ryan was the best man. Our congratulations to Thomas and Jamie and we wish them much happiness in their future lives together.

To see all of the photos you will need to click "older posts" 3 or 4 times. The last photo of this series is of Thomas and Ryan standing together.

The Wedding of Thomas and Jamie

Thomas and Jamie's Wedding, Thomas's Brother Ryan is Best Man

Jamie and Thomas

Thomas and Jamie, Married

The Reception of Thomas and Jamie

Thomas Dancing with Jamie

Cece Dancing with Thomas

Jamie Dancing with her Dad


Mathew and Katie


Pam and Me

Beverley and Me