Monday, September 30, 2013

For years Bob and I talked about doing a west coast road trip once he retired.  It ended up taking us a month to go the places we wanted to go and to see the people we wanted to see.  On our way to San Diego we stopped in Phoenix, stayed the night and had dinner with Rob's Dad, Bob and wife Lucy. It was great to see them.  We continued to San Diego where we stayed for a week. The first group of photos are of a Harbor Tour we did in San Diego.  It was very hot in San Diego that week but the Harbor Tour was a little cooler and pleasant.  Everyone repeatedly told us it is very seldom that hot in San Diego.  I guess we brought the Texas weather with us.   We were actually hoping to escape it.

San Diego Palms by the Harbor

Large Sail Boat on Shore of San Diego

Sand Sculptures on San Diego Pier

We didn't allow enough time to go and see the sand sculptures on the pier but it looked as thought they were very intriguing.

Sail Boat on San Diego Harbor

Red Sail Boat on the San Diego Harbor

Small Boat on the San Diego Harbor

Sea Lions in the Harbor of San Diego

Palm Trees on San Diego Shore

San Diego Sky Line

Sail Boat in San Diego Harbor

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Three of our kids celebrated anniversaries over this past Labor Day Weekend.  There is nothing that will make a parent happier than to know their kids are happy and are happy in love.  Happy belated anniversary John and Casey, Joy and Rob and Jane and Ben!

Casey and John

Joy and Rob

Jane and Ben