Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family Reunion / Surprise 50th Birthday Party for Beverley


The weekend of July 4th we had a family reunion / 50th birthday party for my sister Bev at Okaloosa Island near Ft. Walton Beach Fl. Eight out of twelve of my siblings attended the party along with some of their children and friends. Our family is scattered from Wis. to TX. to Fl. I posted many photos of this event. You will have to keep clicking older posts to see all of them. Unfortunately I did not get pictures of everyone. Also, I did not get the names of everyone. Please forgive me for that and if there are mis-spelled names of anyone forgive me for that. I will make corrections if you notify me either via email, by phone or facebook. It was so good to see everyone and we all missed our siblings and family that could not be there.

Waiting for Bev

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Bev to say Surprise!

Happy 50th Birthday Beverley!

My sister Bev turned 50 in July. Her son escorted her into a room of many siblings, nieces and nephews most of who came long distances to be there. The look on her face is priceless. From left to right is Beverley, Joshua ( her son) holding Aidyn and Robby (Rhoda's son) is in the background.

The life of the party!

Aidyn is the son of Christina who is the fiance of Josh. They plan to get married in January. Josh is Bev's son and Bev will inherit not only a daughter -in- law but a grandson. Aidyn was so into the dancing that he removed his shirt and was dancing and dancing. Then everyone made a circle and clapped and he just kept on dancing. They were all having such fun!

Brandon, Gabby, and Chasity

Chasity is Pam's daughter and she is with her husband Brandon and baby Gabby.

My sister Pam

Pam has two daughters and one son and seven grand children.

My Grandson Austin

Austin is Joy's son.
This is my sister Rhoda's entire family plus their spouses or special friends. I am not even going to attempt to name everyone although I can almost do it. The problem is the twins.

This is my niece Debbie, daughter of my sister Rhoda with her husband and son Lukas. Sitting on the right is her brother Robby.

Rhoda and Rob

My sister Rhoda and her husband Rob.

My Grand-daughter Peyton

Peyton, my son John 's daugher.

Joy and Brooke

My daughter Joy with her daughter Brooke.


Kayla is my niece Mary Ellen's daughter.

Cousins getting to know one another

Madeline (my niece Heather's daughter) and Kala (my niece Mary Ellen's daughter) visiting. The little boy is the nephew of Beverley on her husband's side of the family.

My brother Stan's girl friend Terri

My son John with my brother Luke

Mary Ellen and her daughter

My niece Mary Ellen is the daughter of my sister Rhoda. Her daughter is a twin. I get the girls confused. They look so much a like. I will edit this and put in her name once I know for sure which one she is.

Karin and Alvin

Karin is my niece and daughter of my sister Rhoda. Her son is Alvin.

Bob and Aidyn

Aidyn will become our grand nephew in January when his mom Kristina marries my nephew Josh.

Tim and Dave

Tim is my brother and Dave is a close friend of the family from childhood.

Joe, Joe's sister and her husband and Joe's Mom

Joe is Beverley's husband and sitting at the table with part of his family.

My daughter Joy

Joy was about to celebrate her 40th birthday. We made mention of this at the party and got her a cake.

My Grand Niece Audrey and my Grandson Jake

Audrey and Jake are third cousins. They looked to be having so much fun and were poised perfectly looking so professional with their dancing.

Let's Dance

My sister Bev dancing with many of the grand nieces and grand nephews.

My Grand-newphew Chase

Chase is the son of Debbie and the Grandson of my sister Rhoda.

Hollie and Linda

Hollie is married to my brother Sy and Linda used to be married to my brother Stan. She is still part of our family.

My niece Kyla and her boyfriend.

Kyla is Stan's daughter and Preson's sister. She just graduated from high school this past year.

My newphew Preston

Preston is the son of Stan. His sister is Kyla.

My brothers Stan and Sy

My niece Claire

Claire is the daughter of my brother Luke and his wife Kathleen. She has a brother, Miles.

Jimmy and Linda

Joy and Rob

Ben and Jane

Angie and Brent

My brother Stan and his girl friend Terri

My husband Bob and Our nieces' boyfriend Darrell

Darrell is our niece Karen's boyfriend. Darrell is the principal of a school.

My brother Luke

Luke is married with a grown son and a daughter in high school.

My newphew Robby

Robby has three sisters and is in college after serving 8 years in the Army.

My newphew Michael

Michael has three brothers one of which is a twin. He is married and has a little boy.

4th of July Fireworks, Ft. Walton Beach Fl. - 2009

We ended our vacation watching the fireworks from our condo the night before we left.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

While on vacation in Ft. Walton Beach in Florida some of the guys went on a fishing trip. Below are some photos of their adventure. When they were finished my Grandson Jake looked at his Dad very seriously and said "Dad, you sure know how to treat a kid." It looks like they will all remember that fishing trip for a long time. Click on "older posts" to see all of the pictures.





Brent and Jake

Ben and Jake

Jake is getting some help from his Dad.


As ususal Jake caught the biggest fish of all.


Sy with the guide