Friday, October 31, 2008

We went to the Brookfield Zoo on the day before our flight to Italy. This is my oldest daughter, Jane with her son Jake waiting for Bob and Ben to purchase the tickets. It had been years since we had been to the Brookfield Zoo and what a better way to spend the day with everyone.

Jane has always been a beautiful girl with her china doll complexion but at this time she looked just radiant. She seemed very content. Although she is busy, her organizational skills allow her to work, play golf, bowl on a team and is always doing something with friends and family in her area. Everything appears to be done with such ease. She loves being a Mom. As a parent it feels good to see your kids happy.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The photo on the left is my niece Denise. On the top right is my niece Lisa and her boyfriend. Denise and Lisa are Sy's daughters. Don't they look gorgeous! They were also at the birthday party. They had just been to a 30's and 40's car show. Their hair styles and style of clothing went with the 30's and 40's dress period. They make their own flowers for their hair. Denise also made a flower for me and put it in an elegant bag which I took to Italy and carried to dinner one night. The party was wonderful and we all had a most enjoyable evening.

Sy loves Nascar racing so Jane made him a cake representing the race. I thought it was pretty cute considering she is not really into cake decorating.

Do you see what I mean? Click on a close up. Look at his eyes! He can also sink his nose into his face and wiggle his ears at the same time. Sy is a senior citizen now and it was fun celebrating his birthday.

Let me introduce my brother Sy and his wife Hollie. This is a pretty good picture of them. I had to show you this one before you see the next photo. Sy is a wonderful brother and a very funny guy.

This is my son-in-law Ben, Jake's Dad. While we were at Ben and Jane's we all decided to have an early birthday party for my brother Sy. Sy lives about a mile from Ben and Jane's home. This would be a great opportunity to visit with everyone. I was just as excited to see our family as I was to be going to Italy. Oh, by the way, Ben's parents are from Italy. His Dad used to have a house on the Mediterranean and sold it a few years ago.
On Oct. 10th Bob and I flew to Chicago to be with our daughter Jane and her family a few days before we would go to Italy and a few days after. This picture is of Jake, our grandson.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The picture to your left is of Bob and me (Barb) at home. I think Brooke (our Grand-daughter) is looking for shells in the background.
Coming soon we will share in our experiences on our vacation to Italy.