Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My sister Cece and I were sitting on a bench at North Beach chatting and catching up on lost time. You could not have asked for a more perfect day. I was admiring the homes behind us. They were old and quaint and I could not help but think of what a beautiful view the people had in these homes which looked out over Lake Michigan. As I was scanning the row of homes my eyes scanned the gazebo in the park area then suddenly my eyes returned to the gazebo. If you look really close you will see two men with boxing gloves fighting each other. Even now when I look at the photo I wonder what their story was. Were they in training? Were they really in a serious fight?

The Street Behid North Beach in Racine WI

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How many times have I driven by the sign that says "Racine Wisconsin" and never exited from the highway? My husband had business in Racine and Chicago last week. My daughter lives in the Chicago area along with my brother and many members of Bob's family. Bob was working many hours but we managed to sneak in some time with family. My sister Cece lives in Appleton Wisconsin. Cece drove to Racine to spend some time with us. I had not seen Cece for over two years. While in Racine we toured a few sites of interest. I am convinced that almost anywhere you go you will find amazing things to photograph and new discoveries of history and things happening now. In my next few entries I will share with you some of the sites of Racine Wisconsin and some family photos and events in the Chicago area.

Wind Point Lighthouse at Racine Wisconsin

View of Lake Michigan from the light house

Info on the Pier and Boat Rails

Gardens by the fog horn house

Fog Horn Building

Full image of the lighthouse at Racine with the sun behind the tower.

The lighthouse at Racine

My sister Cece taking a picture of the lighthouse.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Too Pretty Not To Take a Picture

I have a hibiscus plant in a pot next to my window in the living room. It should probably be in the garden but I think I will wait until spring to plant it outside. The flowers come and go so quickly so I thought I would share the blooming moment with you.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Blunch at 8 0's

My daughter-in-law Casey wanted to go to brunch to celebrate her birthday last week. We came close to that by going to 8 0's (pronounced like: eight oh's) for blunch instead of brunch. There is nothing more pleasant than being on the square in Ft. Worth, seated outside on a most beautiful day being serenaded by a young man singing and playing the guitar. After a long summer of over 100 temperatures we finally got a break in the extreme heat. I could have set there all day. Only living 25 minutes from down town Ft. Worth I wonder why we don't spend more time seeing and doing things in that city. There is something magical about just being there.

John and Diana

John and Diana are Casey's parents.


Angie and Brent

Casey and Brittney

Joy and Rob

Casey, John and Brittney

Jack, Me, Casey and Brittney

Jack is another Grandson.

Austin, Brooke, and Peyton

Three of my Grandchildren

Peyton and Katelyn

Peyton is my Grand-daughter and Katelyn is Peyton's second cousin. Katelyn is a student at North TX. studying Television and Producing.