Thursday, August 23, 2012

If you live in Chicago or if you visit Chicago The Architectural Boat Rides are a MUST to see.  Jane and I both took lots of gorgeous photos and I chose a few to share with you.  It was a beautiful day but partly cloudy and somewhat windy. Click older posts a couple of time to see all of the boat trip posts.

The Chicago Architectural Boat Rides

Jake with His Dad and PeePaw

Waiting on the Architectural Boat Ride in Chicago

The Trump Building

Along the River in Chicago

Me With Bob Waiting for the Architectural Boat Trip in Chicao

Wendella Boat Rides in Chicago

I understand it is usually easy to get to the Boat Rides by accessing the Trump building.  Unfortunately for us on the day we went someone was making a movie and getting to the entrance was quite a challenge.  We  had to take many detours which resulted a very long walk. Even at that, it was well worth it. 

Jane and Jake Waiting for the Boat Trip

The Chicago River Cutting Between the Buildings

Building with Reflection in Chicago

Note the reflection of the other buildings on this building.

The "L" as Viewed from the Chicago River

Along the Chicago River

This has such a European Feel.

Under a Bridge on the Chicago River

Sail Boats on Lake Michigan, Chicago

Clouds Hovering over Chicago Skyline.

I love how the clouds seem to be almost protecting the skyline.

Chicago Fire Department Boat on Lake Michigan

Light House, Lake Michigan, Chicago

A Larger Sky Line of Chicago from the Lake

Planetarium in Chicago

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

I can seriously remember standing by the shores of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago many years ago looking  toward the lake and thinking how beautiful it was.  It is also just as beautiful viewing everything from this perspective.

Chicago Sky Line with Marina and Sailboats

Crain Communications Building (diamond shaped top) in Chicago

Sailboats in Front of Buckingham Fountain, Chicago

Buckingham Fountain, in Chicago

Navy Pier with Partial Skyline

I love this view with some of the buildings behind Navy Pier

Jane and Ben Looking at Navy Pier

I think Jane has the prettiest hair even when wind blown.

Navy Pier, Chicago

Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier, Chicago

Ben, Jake and Jane on Chicago Architectural Boat Trip

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Casey! (Not 40 yet)

We wish our Daughter-in-law a Happy Birthday today.  She is a beautiful lady who is very special  and loved very much by her family and friends.

Happy Birthday Casey!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Last week we make a quick trip to Chicago and attended Bob's brother Lee's 60 th birthday party.  We also had a barbecue at Jane and Ben's and took the architectural boat trip on the river in Chicago and on Lake Michigan. We shot some fabulous pictures of that which I will post in a couple of days. Of all of the time I lived and have visited Chicago I don't know why I never took that trip. It was so cool.

First for the 60th birthday party. I was tied up in the visit and didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked.  That seems to happen a lot but I am trying to get better with having the camera ready.  Maria had an Italian dinner catered in. I did't get a picture of it but Mary Ann made a bouquet of suckers that said"60 sucks."  It was really cute. Mary Ann also put an album together with old photos and writings from Lee's family and friends.  It was really sweet and I know he will cherish that for the rest of his life. Note that the cake was outlined with eclaires. Yummy!  It was a very nice party.

Bob's Brother Lee with his 60th Birthday Cake

Lee and Maria's New Grand-Nephew with Thier Sister-in-law Holding him

Laurie, Rina, Mary Ann, Bob and Lee

Bob's family missing older brother Ronnie and older sister Angela.

Lee's Wife Maria with her Brother and Sister


Bill and Andy

Bob's brother Lee with His Birthday Fruit Bouquet

Bob's sister Laurie with her Grand-daughter, also David, Lee, and John

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I am winding up the Perdido Key vacation with two of my favorite pictures.  Thanks kids. You did a great job with the photography.

JUMPING! Austin, Jack, Peyton and Brooke

Austin, Brooke, Jack and Peyton Walking Toward the Water

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Winners!!!!! Congratulations!

Congratulations to Austin's summer basketball team for taking the championship.  They played the team they beat earlier in the season and lost by 26 points.  His team showed so much improvement during the season and were rewarded by winning first place in the playoffs.  They gained confidence, sportsmanship and improved their skills.  That is what these summer programs are all about.

2012 Summer Basketball Champions (Austin's Team)

Austin is the second from the left on the bottom row.

Ending Score for the Playoffs in Austin's Basket Ball Game

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My kids took these beach pictures and I am really enjoying them as I browse trying to organize and blog.  I think they did a great job.  I am focusing on Jack in the next few photos.  Every picture is a clear explanation of his personality and sense of humor.  But who wouldn't have a unique sense of humor growing up with the parents of John and Casey.

Jack, the Model

Jack with his other Grandparents, John and Diana and sister Peyton

Jack being carried by his sister Peyton

Jack "the thinker" with cousins Austin and Brooke and sister Peyton

Jack Being Carried by Austin

Jack's Family, Casey (Mom) Peyton (Sister) and John (Dad)