Thursday, March 27, 2014

The birthday boys in our family for this month were Brent (our son-in-law) and Jack. (our Grandson)

The photo below show Brent with Angie last week on Brent's birthday.

There is a story in the photo with Jack and Myles. First of all, Jack just loves basketball.  Ask him anything regarding basketball or anything about professional basketball or college basketball. He will probably be able to give you the answer. Jack's parents used to work with Myles's mother many years ago.  Myles's Dad was the disc Jockey at John and Casey's wedding. Myles is seven feet tall and is the number 2 pick for high school basketball in the US. Jack knew of Myles but never had the chance to meet him.  John and Casey arranged a birthday dinner with Myles's family and their family on Jack's birthday as a surprise.  And what a surprise!  And guess what!  It was Miles's birthday also.

Happy Belated Birthday to all of the March birthday boys!

Jack with Myles - Happy Birthday to Jack and Myles!

Brent with Angie celebrating Brent's Birthday. Happy Birthday to our Son-In-Law!

Friday, March 21, 2014

We spent the day with Ronnie and Linda at Mount Rainier the day before we left for the beach.  It is so beautiful!  Actually, there are no words to describe the beauty. Below the mountain was a little business area with old box cars painted in primary colors and converted into a hotel.  There were also a couple of small fast food restaurants.  It seemed like a really nice place to spend the night sometime.  Should one plan to drive up the mountain they would need to allow a day to drive up, stop at the top for a while to look around, and drive back.  Especially if one would take the wrong way down the mountain.  

Village at the Bottom of Mount Rainier in Washington

Old Box Cars from a Train Used as a Hotel at the Bottom of Mount Rainier in Washington

Pizza Restaurant in a Box Car at the Bottom of Mount Rainier in Washington

Waterfall in Stream Along Drive Up Mount Rainier

Rocky Stream found along drive up Mount Rainier

View of the Top of Mount Rainier in Washington

Monday, March 10, 2014

We spent four nights at Pacific Beach in Washington sharing a rental next to the ocean.  I was most relaxed and enjoyed every minute.  It was really nice sharing this experience with Ronnie and Linda.  One of the mornings we drove on a nearby beach.  Everyone was flying a kite, (except me) walking the dog and having fun on the beach.  It was a cool windy morning of sixty five degrees.  I sat on a lawn chair and soaked in the sun while listening to the waves.  Need I say anything more?

Ronnie in Front of the Rental at Pacific Beach Photographing the Ocean

Ocean View From our Rented House on Pacific Coast in Wahington

One of Many Sunsets on Pacific Coast in Washington

We saw four sunsets on Pacific Beach in Washington and they were all awesome!

Ronnie, Linda and Bob at Pacific Beach in Washington

Kite Flying on Pacific Beach in Washington

Linda Flying a Kite on Pacific Beach in Washington

Bob and Ronnie Walking the Dog on Pacific Beach in Washington

Seagull on Pacific Beach in Washington

Horseback Riding on Pacific Beach in Washington

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It is taking me longer to blog about our western road trip than it actually took us and we were gone for a month. But, the interruptions are important too. After driving through and staying a couple of nights by the ocean in Oregon we went to Seattle to visit Bob's brother Ronnie and his wife Linda.  Below are a few pictures of a couple of the Grand-kids and several of their animals.

We had a a great time while there and I have several more pictures to share.  We spent a day driving up Mount Rainier and about 5 days on Pacific Beach.  It is not often we even get to see Ronnie and his family so it was even more pleasurable visiting and sharing some of our vacation with them. Our only regret was we didn't get to see all of Ronnie's kids.  

Bob's Brother Ronnie and his Grand-son Anthony

Bob with Copenhagen

Anthony, Ronnie's Grand-son with Bob and Copenhagen

Ronnie and Linda's Daughter Eve and Eve's Daughter Ashley

Ronnie and Linda's Grand-kids, Anthony and Ashley Holding the Rooster

Linda's Dogs

Chicken Photos at Ronnie's Farm

Ronnie's Chickens and Rooster

Ronnie's Chickens and Roosters

Ronnie and Linda's Grand-daughter Ashley and a Presentation of the Eggs from the Chickens.