Thursday, March 27, 2014

The birthday boys in our family for this month were Brent (our son-in-law) and Jack. (our Grandson)

The photo below show Brent with Angie last week on Brent's birthday.

There is a story in the photo with Jack and Myles. First of all, Jack just loves basketball.  Ask him anything regarding basketball or anything about professional basketball or college basketball. He will probably be able to give you the answer. Jack's parents used to work with Myles's mother many years ago.  Myles's Dad was the disc Jockey at John and Casey's wedding. Myles is seven feet tall and is the number 2 pick for high school basketball in the US. Jack knew of Myles but never had the chance to meet him.  John and Casey arranged a birthday dinner with Myles's family and their family on Jack's birthday as a surprise.  And what a surprise!  And guess what!  It was Miles's birthday also.

Happy Belated Birthday to all of the March birthday boys!

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