Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Last week Robert (young Bob) had a birthday.  Happy Birthday Robert!

The new president elect is Donald Trump. (no comment at this time)

My niece Lisa had a new baby girl. Congratulations to Lisa and Nick and to the Grand-parents Silas and Hollie.  Pictures will come later.

Angie had her 2nd MRI which comes every two months.  The results was good. There is no cancer activity showing around the remaining tumor.  She had several seizures since her surgery so they increased her Kepra and advised Valium should she feel a seizure is coming on. Her doctor suggests she not be under any stress both mentally and physically. I hope all of these things will help her. All in all it was good news.

Angie's mother-in-law Jill also has a brain tumor.  She had one Chemo treatment (a week in the hospital) and today she started her second round of treatments.  They are planning four one week treatments with a couple of weeks in between each treatment.  Please keep Jill in your thoughts and prayers.