Sunday, December 21, 2008


Bob was chosen as part of a group that received awards where he works. He has to go to a meeting in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico in Feb. staying at an all inclusive resort. Gratefully, he is taking me with him. His company needs heads shots of the two of us. We were practicing with my new Nikon D40 camera which Bob and our kids bought for me for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. It's awesome! Thank you Bob and kids.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The night was very cold. Brooke's Mom (Joy) was keeping her warm with her coat wrapped around her.

We didn't get photos of Brooke's Dad (Rob) but he was there and so were Grandpa Bob and Grandma. (me)

It was a fantastic evening and one we will always remember.

I'm not sure if the students realized the rare opportunity they had to perform on such a stage but I think the parents and teachers did. I know the students will one day look back on it and realize it as a treasured memory.

It was mentioned that athletics are good for the body, academics are good for the brain and special arts are good for the soul.

Brooke and Austin

Brooke's brother is one of her biggest supporters.

Brooke after the performance.

Brooke is in the 2nd to last row and the 12 person from the left.

The songs performed were:

"All Is Well" by Michael W. Smith and arranged by John Leavitt

"Merry Christmas to Me" by Andy Beck & Brian Fisher

Arthur Busby, Violinist

Beautifully Done!

Waiting in anticipation.

Let the show begin!

The performances were given by: North Oaks, Haltom and Watauga Middle School Tenor/Bass Choir

North Oaks, Haltom and Watauga Middle School Treble Choir

Haltom High School A cappella Choir

Richland and Smithfield Middle School Treble Choir

Richland and Smithfield Middle School Tenor/Bass Choir

Birdville High School Chorale

North Ridge and North Richland

Middle School Treble Choir

The Bass Hall in Fort Worth, TX.

A world renown performance hall and the setting for Brooke's School Christmas Choir program.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Water rushing toward the south -
Waves flowing from it's mouth -
Whitecaps appear and disappear -
Smashing against the pier -
Why the hurry to get around the bend? -
Just to suddenly stop at the lake's end.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I've been blog binging. So, I will leave you for a while. Looking back on just the past week and a half makes me realize that I have so much to be thankful for. I probably would not have been here if it were not for my heart surgery last May. Look at what I would have missed! I first thank God, second my heart surgeon, Dr. Hammon of Dallas Baylor Medical, and my family and friends who were there supporting me during surgery and recovery. I appreciate you all so much.

Carrie and Rob (sister and brother)

We were excited to have Carrie with us for Thanksgiving. Carrie lives in Illinois very close to St. Louis. She has been so gracious to have Bob and I as guests many times as we traveled to Chicago and Indiana to visit family. Carrie has two beautiful daughters.

Peyton and Brooke (Cousins and my Grand-daughters)

Brooke just turned 13 and Peyton will be 13 in February. They are holding my neighbor's dogs.

About 12 years ago when Brooke was about to experience her 2nd Christmas and Peyton to experience her first Christmas I was inspired to write a song about being a Grand-Mother at Christmas time. Here are the words to that song and when I can technically figure out how to get a video on the blog I will sing it for you.

Please consider this a season's greeting from me.

"Santa's Coming Back To My House Tonight"

Christmas this year will not be the same -

Toys and a tree circled with a train -

Cookies and milk on the table tonight -

We're expecting someone before the early light -

It's been a long, long time since I've shopped for toys -

It's been a long, long time since I've heard the noise -

from the laughter of children that echos through -

our house of love because of someone new -


"Cause I'm a Grandma now, what a delight -

Santa's coming back to my house tonight -

'Cause I'm a Grandma now -

Oh what a sight! -

Santa's coming back to my house tonight -

Santa's coming back to my house tonight!

Tamara and Liam

Tamara lived with us during her senior year in high school. Her parents, (our good friends) moved to Australia and it was Tamara's wish to finish her education here. We were blessed to have her. She says she is "our little Fetta." We are "Grand Fetta" to her son Liam. Isn't he just the cutest!

Brent, Angie, Chris, Robert (top row)

Howard and Donna (on the bench)

Donna is Bob's X-wife and the mother of my step children Robert and Angie. We have shared in parenting them since Robert was 10 and Angie was 8 years of age. Chris is the son of Donna and Howard. We get together on special occasions. This has worked well for us. My daughter says we are the most functional, dysfunctional family she knows.

Angie and Brent live 15 minutes from us and we see them often. We don't see Robert very often because he lives and works quite a distance and his work schedule is opposite ours.

We also celebrated Robert's birthday in November. Robert is the assistant General Manager at a well known restaurant in Dallas. He is single. He travels often, sometimes with friends, and sometimes alone. He is very adventurous. He has climbed mountains, runs in races, and too many things to mention. He also appreciates humor.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another sunset on Eagle Mountain Lake

When day is done and the turkey is gone. The picture is blurry but the subject is too funny to pass up.
John, Jack and Casey

Jane, Joy, and John
As the mother of these young adults I can't say enough of how proud I am of them. They are all married with children, responsible, with hearts of gold.
We celebrated John's birthday in November. John was an outstanding athlete while growing up. Now he assists his children in their athletic activities. He also plays on a local baseball league. John's gift is his humor and his interests in others.

There is a tower about a mile from our house. As we were driving by Mary Ann took this picture. It's full of turkey vultures. Kind of creepy!!! I was wondering where they go when they are not out cleaning up the countryside.
Mary Ann got her camera out again to take this picture. This is near our house. I'm not sure what the story is on this but someone is catching some pretty big fish in the lake.
It's rare that our immediate family is together at once.
From left to right:
Jane, John, Casey, Robert (behind Casey) Brooke, Peyton, Brent (behind Peyton) Angie, Benny, Joy, and Rob.
(front row) Bob holding Jack, Me, (Barb) Jake, and Austin.

We celebrated Andy's 9th birthday while he was here. He really enjoyed fishing. He said it was as good as being at Disney. What a complement!

Joyce, seriously fishing.

Click on the picture to enlarge and you will see the look of determination on Joyce's face.

This is me with Andy and Joyce in the seats behind me at the local airport having breakfast.

This is Mary Ann and Bill. One of the things we did while they were visiting was go to a local airfield and have breakfast. It's fun to sit there and watch the planes come in and out.

Last week we were visited by Bob's sister Mary Ann, her husband Bill and their children Andy and Joyce. Also on Wednesday we were joined by my daughter Jane, her husband Ben and their son Jake. They are all from Chicago.

The picture to the right is Ben and Rob, my sons-in-law and my daughter Jane over seeing the project.(one of the finished turkeys)

Thawing the turkeys