Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Joy!

Joy doesn't want to talk about her birthday but I do.

She has been a joy to her familiy and me for the past 40 years.

Joy, we love you and hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday Joy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

After we left Chicago we drove through Indiana and stopped in Monticello at my brother Stan's house. I am the oldest of twelve children and five of my brothers live in the Lafayette vicinity. It is difficult to see everyone in a short time so my five of my brothers and some of their kids met us at a near by restaurant for dinner. I was delighted they were able to be there. It was in the middle of the week and some had to drive a little distance.

From left to right is my youngest brother Phil, my next to youngest brother Luke, next Terri who is the girl friend of my brother Stan. (last on the left)

My brother Tim is sitting beside his wife Linda and his son Scott.

My brother Joe, sitting with our nephew Andrew. Andrew is the son of my youngest brother Phillip.

Jeff, friend of our family sitting with our nephew Daniel.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Graduation Party

Maria had a wonderful graduation party for David at her home. When we got there all but one brother in Bob's family was there. We don't get to see his family often and when we do it is usually a glimpse one at a time and then we have to go. To have them all together was awesome! It was very obvious they were enjoying each other's company and it was a very special evening. We all missed Ronnie and it would have been complete if he could have been there.

I didn't take as many pictures as I should have. Some of the ones I took did not turn out. I didn't check my settings and thought it was on automatic. Next time I will be more careful.


Doesn't he look comfortable! I love that shirt.

Jake and Andy

Jake is our Grandson and Andy is our nephew. Maria has a balcony that overlooks her living room. This was a favorite spot for the kids.

Mary Ann

Bob's sister Mary Ann.


Joyce is the niece of Bob and the daughter of Mary Ann.


Bob's youngest sister, Laurie


Mary Ann and Doug

Mary Ann is Bob's sister and Doug is Bob's sister Angela's husband.


John is David's older brother. John did a wonder job of preparing and presenting the slide show for David's party.

Bob's Family

From left to right, Laurie, Rina, Mary Ann, Bob, Angela, and Lee. The only sibling missing was Ronnie.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Graduation Party Banner


After vacationing in Branson we drove to Chicago to visit family and attend Bob's Godson's graduation party. David is our nephew and just finished high school. I snatched this photo from his Mom. I must say he is a very handsome young man!
Best wishes to you David as you start your adult life.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Rob!

Yesterday we celebrated my son-in-law Rob's birthday. It was actually a few days ago. He is the husband of Joy and father of Brooke and Austin. A great Husband, Dad and son-in-law, I hope it is appropriate to complement him on his beautiful blue eyes.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A stop for lunch

After leaving Branson we drove to Glen Carbon Il, on our way to Chicago. We met my son-in-law's sister and her two daughters for lunch at Cracker Barrel. A short visit but wonderful to see them.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My favorite shows we saw in Branson were "Six", "Yakov's," and "Island Fire." Bill Medley and Paul Revere brought back memories of music I have not heard in a while and "The voice of Cassandre was very sweet. Cassandre had a beautiful orchestra behind her.

Six was a group of six brothers singing in perfect harmony with out any musical instruments behind them. One of the brothers made a rhythm section with his voice. And some of the voices sometimes sounded like instruments. It was very impressive and I sat on the edge of my seat all evening in awe.

Yakov was funny and also very patriotic. He reminded us to appreciate our country.

I could not keep my camera off Island Fire. The music, dancing and costumes were fantastic. Below I posted many photos of Island Fire.


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Red Dresses and Fire

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Green leaf skirts

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Colorful Grass Skirts

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Dancing with spears

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Swinging lights

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Guys dancing in grass skirts

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The Gals

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The guys

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White dress dancers

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Red Dress Dancer

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Fire Dance

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Group Participation

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Bob Participation

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

After we returned from Romania we had a few days at home then continued with our planned vacation to Branson and Chicago and Indiana. I previously included some photos of my brothers and sister giving you some background on our musical family ties. As Bob and I spent time in Branson it brought back many nostalgic memories of our shared music performances and practices.

Below are pictures of the tickets of the shows we attended. Branson has a variety of entertainment. They said there are 124 different shows going on when the full season is in. We had a great time.

Tickets from shows we saw in Branson Mo.

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Tim and his guitar

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