Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jake's Mom dressed him in a cute little bunny suit every year at Easter and took a picture to send to all of his relatives. This year he grabbed the bunny ears and made an expression that everyone understands. "I'm a big boy now Mom!"

The Angry Easter Bunny!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's All About Jack Today. Happy Birthday Jack!

Jack asked him Mom if he could buy this hat for his birthday. He wares it well. This illustrates some of the individuality in his personality with a sense of humor. Jack is an excellent student in the first grade and participates in many sports. We all love him lots and lots.

Jack's Dad John

Jack's Mom Casey

Jack's Sister Peyton

Jack's Cousin Austin

OK. Brooke where were you hiding?

Jack's Aunt Joy and Uncle Rob

Jack's Grandpa

Jack's Aunt Angie and Uncle Brent

Angie, Bob, Bill, Tamara

Cake and Candles

We often have multiple birthdays in a month so we combine birthday celebrations according the times we get together. The cake, candles and birthday song is always the highlight of the party. It seems to be that the youngest little person there will blow out the candles. This time Liam assisted with that.

Brent and Jack Arm in Arm

Flowers from Tamara

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Brent!

This is our son-in-law Brent. His wife Angie is in the background. We had a little party for Brent and our Grandson Jack yesterday. I'll post some more pictures of Jack and the party in a couple of days on Jack's birthday. Brent has to work today so we wish you wonderful day Brent.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pudding Cone

A fun, delicious and low calorie treat.
1 waffle cone: 50 calories
1 sugar free pudding cup: 90 calories
Equals to 140 calories.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Owl at Jane's House

This is an owl that lives in a tree at Jane's house in Schaumburg.

After being shut in for a few months due to bad weather we ventured out to Dallas to the Irish Festival at Fair Park. It was a very beautiful evening with temperatures around 69 degrees. Joy's neighbor is in a band called "Trinity River Whalers." Not only are they very talented musicians, they are very entertaining. We see them perform whenever we can.

I have posted several images of the festival, so you will need to keep clicking older posts to see them all.

It was a most enjoyable evening.

Beautiful Fair Park, Dallas, TX - Irish Festival 2010

Trinity River Whalers

Trinity River Whalers viewed from the back of the auditorium.

A group playing on the side walk.

Me with Joy

Joy and Brooke

For some reason Brooke did not want me to take her picture most of the evening. She was willing to pose with me for this one while Joy shot the photo and I love it.

Irish Stew

This is where they prepared Irish Stew. It was in carved out bread shaped like a bowl. Outstanding!


If you look behind the swords you will see Austin and Rob shopping.

Austin with his new sword!




This little girl had a painted face and was dancing. When she saw my camera she continued to dance and look at the camera as if she were giving a performance. It was so cute.

Bob walking around enjoying himeself.

Many people brought their dogs.


Some came in costumes!

Green hair!

Joy with ..................

Sorry, this is a little blurry but couldn't resist posting it.

This baby was dressed for the festival.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tender Words

This is a letter from my daughter and my son-in-law to their daughter. As I read it I wanted to share it with you hoping not to interfere with their intimacy but to fill your hearts with inspiration to somehow demonstrate your appreciation to those you love.

Hi Brooke,

We want to take this opportunity to write to you today, I know that we have done this every year and we always let you know how we feel. But now that you are 14, we can speak more maturely and openly to you.

The first thing new parents do when they find out they are pregnant, is to pray for a healthy child. They have hopes of a healthy, beautiful child that is smart and wonderful and has a ton of charisma. The second thing that they do is pray that they will be able to mold this perfect child into a healthy, compassionate, loyal, intelligent, loving person who makes good decisions and finds the challenges of life to feel natural and simple.

We want all things possible for our children and want them to be all that we were not and have all things we didn’t.

It seems as if you were put into our arms yesterday. Every single day that we get to call you our own, we are grateful.

We are so proud of the way you have grown emotionally and mentally. We are proud of your accomplishments, especially those in which you need to work so hard to get. We are proud of how loving and compassionate you are with your family and friends.

You are headed toward high school with new and more mature situations, and we will be here always to guide you and to let you make decisions for yourself, but catch you if you fall. We know that for you, falling will be very rare, but we want you to know that as you get older, you will need to face more intense and life changing events. And as we were there for your first steps of life, we will be there to help guide you in every step of life to come.

Brooke, we love you so very much and are so proud of the young woman that you are becoming. We could not ask for anything more.

Just do your best every single day. Remember that for all your hard work and sacrifices, there are rewards and they are great. Remember to love fully and give your heart freely and you will be golden. Life is much more than schools, and work and money. The best advise to give you, is to remember to always take care of your business, remember that what is in your heart will eventually run past your lips. Remember to always count your blessings when things are toughest.

Peach, you are like a flower that has blossomed in the spring, like a fruit that has ripened so sweetly on the vine, like a prayer answered to us.
We love you with all that we are, and all that we have.
Love, Daddy and Mommy.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We finally heard from our neighbor this morning. Kim is OK. Tapio is still in the hospital but slowly improving. She is anxious to get home as soon as Tapio can travel.