Thursday, June 19, 2014

John, Casey, Rob and Joy gave a graduation swim/party for Brooke and Peyton at John and Casey's house. Casey's sister Kelly and her family attended and came from Boston.  Also Casey's brother Tim and his wife and Chris and his family attended coming from out of town.  We got some pictures of some of the family and friends but didn't get all who came.  You need to click "older posts" to see all of the party pictures and the actual graduation pictures. The swim party was a very good idea and a lot of fun.  

Graduation Cake for Brooke and Peyton


Taryn and Emerson



Peyton with her Friends

Kelly and Danny

Erin and Chris

Brooke with her Friends

Brooke with Salena and the Baby

Tamara and Lincoln


Brooke and Peyton's Friends

Bill and John

Salena and her son

John D.



Ryan (Peyton's Cousin)



Bob and Brent

Joy and Austin

Barb and Austin

Jack and Austin

Betsy and Casey (Hook-em)

Peyton's Uncle Tim

Peyton's Aunt Christina

Jack, Brady, Brendan, and Riley

Brady and Brendan, Dan and Kelly's sons

Kelly's Daughter, Riley

Monday, June 16, 2014

A couple of weeks ago Brooke and Peyton graduated from high school.  Fortunately they went to two different schools but in the same school district.  They held the graduation ceremonies in the Ft. Worth Convention Center.  Peyton's class was scheduled around noon and Brook's in the evening.  This was very convenient for us.  We were thankful we didn't have to make a choice.  Everyone is so proud of those girls and we all wish them the best in their future lives as they continue their education.  We love them so much.

Peyton Receiving her Diploma at Graduation (2014)

Peyton's Graduation (2014)

Angie and Joy at Peyton's Graduation with Part of Austin, Brent and John in the Background

Brittany Congratulating Peyton at Her Graduation

Jack hugging Peyton at Her Graduation

John Hugging Peyton at her Graduation with Angie in the Background

Peyton with Brooke at Peyton's Graduation

Peyton and Diana at Graduation (2014)

Peyton with Casey at Graduation (2014)

Brooke, Graduate, 2014

Brooke at her Graduation (2014)

Brooke's Graduation (2014)

Brooke and Joy at Brooke's Graduation

Brooke and Angie at Brooke's Graduation

Austin, Peyton, Brooke and Jack at Brooke's Graduation

Brooke with Grand-parents Bob and Lucy at her Graduation

Brook and Gerald at Brooke's Graduation

Joy, Brooke, Rob and Austin at Brooke's Graduation