Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Friday we had the opportunity to attend the graduation of our nephew Daniel at Ft. Sill.  Joy and Rob's family were also able to go.  This was especially nice because we don't often get to see Daniel.  Fortunately, we only live a couple of hours from Ft. Sill. If you remember we also had the privilege of attending our other nephew Josh's graduation at the same place about a year and a half ago. We have had several nephews who have either served or are serving in the military.  We are very proud of all of them and forever grateful for their sacrifices for us.

We spent a wonderful and fun day with Daniel.  After the graduation we returned to the unique "Meers" Restaurant about 13 miles from Ft. Sill.  They have very good hamburgers and the best homemade ice cream  served with cobbler.  The setting of this restaurant lies beneath a small range of mountains.  We included a picture of some buffalo by the mountains.

Joy and Rob's family had to leave so Bob and I took Daniel to the Mall to shop and also went to see the movie "Lincoln."  After the movie we had dinner at "Texas Road House."  Daniel said after six weeks of chicken and fish he really enjoyed a steak dinner.

When Daniel was 17 and in high school he joined the National Guard where he served until now entering the Army.  We wish Daniel the best in his military career.  And our thanks to all who serve.

Daniel, Graduation at Ft. Sill

Where the Buffalo Roam, near Ft. Sill in OK.

Daniel with Second Cousins Brooke and Austin

At "Meer's" Restaurant after Daniel's Graduation at Ft. Sill

Left to right: Bob, Daniel (in back) , Me, Brooke (in Back) Joy, Austin and Rob

Daniel, second from the left, Graduation at Ft. Sill

Badges Presented at Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony at Ft. Sill

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Santa's Coming Back To My House Tonight

Copyrights 1996  Lyrics and Music by Barbara J Cheney

The link above is of a song I wrote about sixteen years ago.  The song was inspired by the realization that two of my now five grand-children were born and that Santa was coming back to my house. This was videoed from the balcony of my living room with my phone.  It amazes me that one can video from their phone and get a somewhat passable quality.  

I hope you enjoy this song especially if you are a grand-parent or hope to be a grand-parent.  

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Faces of Thanksgiving (2012)

Even though three of our kids and their families were not here we still had 27 people at our house for dinner. I have photos of most everyone.  You will need to click older posts a couple of times to see them all.  Bob's sister Mary Ann, brother-in-law Bill and their two kids Andy and Joyce were here for the week. It was wonderful to spend some time with them.  Robert and  Angie's Mom, Step Dad and brother were here and Robert invited his friend Wilson. Sisters Taryn and Tamara's families were here and their brother Jack also came.  Taryn brought her father-in-law Bernie.  Elyse's family also attended.  Since we had a lot of children we planned a few games and also celebrated a couple of birthdays.

It was a lot of people but I think I am blessed with a lot of friends and family and one of my greatest reasons to be thankful.  I can't imagine someone spending Thanksgiving or a holiday alone and it happens.  

Thanksgiving 2012

Angie holding Emerson




Tamara with Jack in the Background








Bob and Bill

Elyse and Joyce

Mary Ann


Howard and Brent




Monday, November 26, 2012

We knew there would be a lot of little kids attending our Thanksgiving dinner.  Two of which were celebrating birthdays.  We tried to organize a party atmosphere to entertain them along with having the Thanksgiving dinner.  Here are the pictures of the pinata and birthday brownie cake part of the celebration.  I will have more images of Thanksgiving later.

Sydney up to bat for the pinata, her Uncle Chris and cousin Emerson in the Background.

Bug, (Delaney) up to bat for the pinata

Emerson up to bat for the pinata.

Moose watching to the left and the face in the left bottom corner is Sydney.  Emerson's Dad, Chris is assisting.

Liam knocked the pinata off the rope early in the game.

It was early in the game when Liam hit the pinata off the rope.  They continued playing because the pinata was still not open and to give the other kids a chance to play.

Moose up to bat for the pinata

Luke up to bat for the pinata with Dad (Chris) in the background

Andy up to bat, Chris in the background

Logan up to bat, Moose to the left watching.

Celebrated birthdays for Luke and Andy on Thanksgiving

Luke with the plaid shirt on the left and Andy with the white shirt on the right both celebrated birthdays on Thanksgiving with a brownie cake that Luke's mom, Taryn brought.  In the back from left to right are Taryn, Liam, Sydney, Emerson, Logan and Moose.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I will have some images from our Thanksgiving Day soon.  I wanted to acknowledge that our son John had a birthday on Thanksgiving.  He was actually celebrating with his wife Casey's family in Boston.  Since November is a huge birthday month for many members of our family and friends we still celebrated two other birthdays on Thanksgiving here. I will acknowledge those birthdays along with some photos from our Thanksgiving in the near future.  

Happy Birthday John!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Grand-daughter Brooke is 17 today. We had an early celebration because she is in Arizona visiting her other Grand-parents for Thanksgiving.  I know she will have a wonderful time but we are missing her.  Happy Birthday Brooke!

Happy Birthday Brooke!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to Robert!  This photo was taken in the spring when we went to visit Robert in Louisiana.  His work temporarily keeps him hostage there and we hope he will be back in this area soon.  We miss you Robert.  Have a great Birthday!

Bob and Robert

Friday, November 2, 2012

After walking through the Nedra Matteucci Gallery in Santa Fe NM we stepped in the gardens of the gallery and what a treat!  It was filled with sculptures in a natural setting of trees, flowers, bushes, and a pond.  Below are only a few photos of the many beautiful and unique sculptures that were created by various artists.
You will need to click on older posts to see them all.

Native American Lady Sculpture at the Entrance of the Nedra Matteucci Galleries in Santa Fe NM

Children Back to Back Sculpture in Gallery Garden in Santa Fe NM

Lady Sculpture on Wall of Gardens of Gallery in Santa Fe NM

Children Getting Cat Out of Tree Sculpture in Gallery Gardens in Santa Fe NM

Caddy Sculpture in Gallery Gardens in Santa Fe NM

Native American Lady with Pots Sculpture in the Gallery Gardens in Santa Fe NM

Children Dancing Sculpture in the Gallery Gardens in Santa Fe NM

Me Underneath the Bear on the Tree Limb Sculpture in the Gallery Gardens in Santa Fe NM

Lady Sculpture Holding the Umbrella in Gallery Gardens in Santa Fe NM

Bears Playing Sculpture, Gallery Garden in Santa Fe NM