Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jack's First Basketball Shot

Casey took this photo after Jack got his first basketball shot ever during a game. He just started playing basketball recently. She said after he made it he turned and looked at them with this expression. I'm sorry we missed the game.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Wedding of Joshua and Kristina McCarthy

Welcome to wedding of my nephew Joshua and Kristina. It was on the evening of January 23rd 2010 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Gatlinburg TN.
Josh is the son of my sister Beverley and her husband Joe.
Please keep clicking on older posts until you reach the creek to view all of the photos.

The Best Man and Bride's Maid

Making their Entrance

Kristina and her Dad

Here Comes the Bride

I love this picture showing the expression on the faces especially of Josh and Kristina's mother.

Tears of Joy

Love Promised

Pledging Their Vows

Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy

Kristina and Joshua's hands ..... rings

Bev and Josh

Bev giving Kristina a hug

Tim and Cece


Me and Bob


Tim, Cece's Husband

Cece and Pam

Cece and Pam are my sisters.

Nate with his Mom, Jennifer

Jennifer is my niece and is with her son Nate. Nate has a twin brother that did not attend the wedding. Can you beleive there are two of those cute little guys running around.


Stan and Terri

Stan is my brother.

Dave with his friend Lynn

Dave has been a friend of our family since childhood.


Preston is my nephew, Stan's son.

Kyla and her boyfriend Josh

Kyla is my niece, Stan's daughter.


Jeff has been a friend of our family for many years.


Gabe is the son of my niece Jennifer.

Brooke, Daniel, and Austin

Daniel is the son of my brother Joe. Brooke and Austin are my Grandchildren.

Kristina with her family, (her parents on the right)

Bev and Joe

Josh and Rob

Josh, Bev, Kristina, Pam, Me, (Back) Stan, Dave & Cece

Josh,Bev,Kristina, Pam, Me, (back) Stan, Dave,and Cece

Beverley on the right with her sister-in-law on the left


Creek that ran beside our hotel in Gatlinburg

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Un-identifyable Animal


The above site is a link showing an un-identifyable animal found about twenty minutes from us.

Monday, January 18, 2010

There is an elephant in my blogger room. Before I make anymore entries I feel a need to talk about it. It's Haiti. It appears that many groups are helping and many have donated but it seems to be just a drop in the bucket as to what is needed. I know many here are financially strapped and perhaps threatened by not having a job in the future. But if you can spare a small amount or if you can give a substantial amount please search your heart, reach for your credit card and make a donation. Make sure it is a reputable organization. The Red Cross is one of many good ones. Something from everyone can make a difference.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

We took my brother Tim to the airport this morning. He had been here since Tuesday. He originally came to Texas with his wife Linda last Friday and were picked up by Linda's brother who lives in East Texas. Tim and his brother-in-law John share the same birthday and even the same year of their birthdays. I understand there has been an on going little thing between them on who was born first because many years ago Tim's mother-in-law insisted that Tim blow the candles out because he was born first. Tim discovered not long ago that actually John was the oldest.
Well, hopefully they can turn this around in the many more years to come as they celebrate.
Linda had to return home Tuesday to go to work.
We had our own little dinner party for Tim at Joy's house on Thursday. Tim is with us against all odds and we are so thankful. He has been through four open heart surgeries and cancer treatment for Colon Cancer. He is in remission and doing well. We spent the week touring Ft. Worth, the Stock Yards and yesterday we visited the Amon Carter Art Museum.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

The American Legend, Willie Nelson

Last night we went to a Willie Nelson concert at Billie Bob's at the Stock Yards in Ft. Worth TX. I have never been to one of his concerts but through the years have enjoyed many songs that he has sung like Georgia, Crazy, You Are Always On My Mind, and I could go on and on. Willie at the age of 77 is unbelievable. His performance is still strong and very entertaining. I think even more than his singing I was stricken by the excellence and the style of his guitar playing.

What an encouragement to seniors who think they are too old to continue entertaining. As long as you have the ability, go for it.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson's Sister Bobbie

Willie Nelson's sister Bobbie age 76 still performs with Willie and can still tickle those keys on the piano.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's cold! It drizzled ice this morning and schools are closed.

Even though the sun is out you can not tell by this photo that the temperature is 24 degrees and will continue to drop into the teens today and tonight.

It is also difficult to see from this photo that the waves are soaring because the winds have picked up causing an even colder windchill.

Where are we? Ft. Worth TX. ?

As a result of the weather Bob is working from home.

I prepared some scrabbled eggs, bacon, toast with honey and orange slices with a cup of tea. When I am home by myself I usually have oatmeal or cereal for breakfast. Bob is my motivation to do more.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Delicious and Easy Tortilla Soup Recipe

You may start from scratch with the cooked meat or make this with left overs if you wish. I have made it with left over chicken, once with left over beef and once with left over meat balls. It has never failed me.
So, start with your meat, add 1 can of broth that is appropriate with the meat, add about 6 cups of water and start cooking at a medium temperature.
Add diced onions, garlic, celery, yellow peppers (red or green peppers if preferred)
Add one can of stewed tomatoes preferably Mexican Stewed Tomatoes. Some people use Ro-tel instead if looking for a spicier soup.
Add approximately 1 to 2 cups of packaged noodles
Add one can of fiesta corn
It is also good to include green beans or peas or any of your favorite vegetables.
Pour in one package of dry taco sauce mix along with one package of dry ranch dressing mix and stir.
Sprinkle in your favorite soup spices. I like cilantro leaves.
Let it simmer for about an hour and there you are! It is so good!

The wonderful thing about his recipe is that one can omit something they dislike or add something they prefer and it is always turns out to be something unique and special everytime.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve Dinner (2009)

One of the gifts we received for Christmas was the blue ramekins displayed on the table. These were from my sister-in-law Maria. I used them last night for melted butter for the crab legs and cocktail sauce for the shrimp. Thank you Maria. We will have many uses for them. Bob and I decided to stay in last night for dinner then watch movies in our bedroom which is the only room in our house with a fireplace. We did go to our neighbors for a few minutes for coffee and pie. It was a wonderful way to bid farewell to 2009.

Kay, Ken, Jane, Ben and Jake

On our way to the airport we met Jane's Dad and fiance, Kay for breakfast at I-Hop. I get a little melancholy when Jane has to leave or when we have to leave her. I am so thankful for email and phones that keep us connected almost daily. It makes everything a little easier.