Thursday, February 16, 2017

We have been vacationing and wintering in Rockport TX. on the Gulf of Mexico.  Rockport is a small fishing town near Corpus Christie.  It is also across from North Padre Island at Port Aransas. We usually take a ferry to get there. This whole area is just beautiful and the weather is pretty nice most of the time.  It is about a six hour drive from our home in DFW.  Last winter we went to Florida but I think we are enjoying our time here even more than Florida.  The only draw back from not being in Florida is we have many friends and family there.  I will be posting more pictures of our vacation soon.

Bob and Barb on the Beach at Port Aransas, TX

Jane, Jake and Ben on the River Walk in San Antonio

Casey, Peyton, Jack, Jordan, John and Puppy Louis in the beach at Port Aransas

Brent, Jake and Angie at the Beach at Port Aransas

Rob, Joy, Brooke and Austin at the beach at Port Aransas TX.

Happy Belated Birthday Angie!

Bob and I have been vacationing and wintering in Rockport TX.  Angie had a birthday last week and we want to wish her a Happy Birthday.  We will celebrate her when we get home.  She is at the beach in Port Aransas.  The kids came down the first week in January with us. I am posting a few pictures of the kids and the Corpus Christi area above this post.