Friday, September 23, 2011

Forgetting to talk about the games that Casey had at her party I added the photo below. She had "name that stache" and pin the stache on Burt Reynolds.

Name that Stache

Casey's Mustache Bash

My daughter-in-law Casey's birthday was actually last month but she wanted to wait and celebrate until several of her relatives from New York were coming to visit. She had a Mustache Bash for her family. She asked Joy and I to make a mustache cake. If I might critique it a little bit, I wish we would have placed it on a white decorative pastry type paper with a more colorful frosting for her name. Then it would have been perfect because it was very moist and delicious. We also made some white cup cakes. Casey's house is very small and she was hoping to have it outside. Who would have thought it would rain after the drought we have had all summer. But as always we just make things work when we have to. We had fun and a lot of laughs. Casey had wonderful Italian pasta and salad for dinner. I am sorry Anne, John D., and Diana I didn't get pictures of everyone. To see all of the pictures click on "older posts a couple of times."

Mustache Cake

Sliced Tomato, Mozzarela Cheese, Bazel Leaf, Spinkled with Olive Oil and Salt and Pepper

Family Photo, Joy, Rob, Austin and Brooke

Peyton Holding Cousin Leila and Cousin Brooke on the Right

Casey's Brother Pete with his wife Katie

Casey's Aunt Kathy with newphew Linus

Casey and John

Casey with Tim in the Background

Casey and Jack

Betsy and Dave

Casey's Aunt Mary Jo and Uncle Ishmael from New York


Angie with her Pink Mustache

Bob with Mustach Wine Glass

Joy with her mustache

Joy with her Serious Look

Casey with Me

Casey with her Aunt Kathy and Cousin Caitlin

Brittany with Leila


Austin Ready for a Boxing Match

Austin and Rob Raising Their Eye Brows



Austin and Brooke with Bob in the Background


Peyton with her Pink Mustache

Thursday, September 22, 2011

We Have a Beach!

This summer with the extreme high temperatures and very little rain the lake levels have dropped severely. The water should be up to the sea wall. We have not been able to lower our boat into the water since July the 4Th. This lake supplies water to Ft. Worth. The good news is we got some rain today and also some the other day. Even with low levels every day I really enjoy looking out over the lake and am so thankful. It is so calming.

Extreme High Temperatures, Very Little Rain, Low Lake Levels

Low Levels on Eagle Mountain Lake

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guess who turned One!

Remember last year when I posted some pictures of little miss Sydney right after she was born? It is difficult to believe that time goes so quickly. I posted several pictures of Sydney's first birthday party for the benefit of my beloved friend Gill, her husband, her two daughters and son who live in Australia and do not get a chance to see their grandchildren, nieces and nephews often.

Tamara had a wonderful party for Sydney. The little girls were so cute wearing their cute tootoos. Tamara's friend Michele baked and decorated a beautiful cake and I am sorry I didn't get a good picture of it. It was made to look like a table with a teapot sitting on top. Everything was very elegantly decorated and I was really impressed. Miss Sydney, though seemed to be having a lot of fun appeared to be oblivious to what was actually going on.

Syndey's 1st Birthday Party with Liam and her Mom Tamara

Tamara, Sydney's Mom by the Refreshment Table

Close Up of Sydney at her 1st Birthday Party

Sydney with her Grandmother on her Daddy's Side

Sydney's Uncle Chris and Aunt Taryn with Cousing Emerson

Tamara's friend Adam and his wife with Daughter and Sydney in the Playroom

Tamara's friend Kim

Sydney with Camryn