Monday, February 28, 2011

On Saturday Bob and I literally went from one game to the next when Austin and Jack were playing in two different athletic centers and had games scheduled side by side. Saturday was Austin's last game and since Jack's team won on Saturday they will be part of a tournament next week. Both boys did so well this year and both exhibited a lot of improvement. We really enjoyed their games. Rob assisted in coaching Austin's team and the picture below shows them together at half time. John usually assists in coaching Jack's baseball. I love to see the boys being able to spend that time with their Dads. They will all forever remember those times together and I am sure will benefit from the special attention and love.

Rob Practicing Basketball with Austin at Half Time

Austin with the Basketball

Jack Approaching the Basketball

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joy, a friend of mine turned 60 over the past weekend. I wanted to share this picture because she looked beautiful and the cake that was made for her by one of her friends was so cute and very original. She ended up having two surprise parties given to her by friends.

Happy 60th!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today we wish our lovely grand-daughter a Happy Birthday. She is sweet 15. Peyton is a very good student and athlete. She just finished basketball and is now starting soccer. She is such a sweet girl with a beautiful smile and she brings many smiles to all of us who love her. Happy Birthday Peyton!

Happy Birthday Peyton!

Friday, February 18, 2011

We have lived in Texas since 1989. I think we may have seen a live armadillo maybe once. They are usually seen on the side of the road, dead with their feet in the air. Tonight an armadillo walked in front of our car. Bob took the camera and chased him in a field and took a picture. Once the flash went off the armadillo ran away with unbelievable speed.

Live Armadillo Shot With Our Camera Tonight

The next post series is especially for my good friend Gill who lives in Australia. Two of her daughters live here in the US. Tamara lives near me and Taryn lives in Colorado. Taryn had business here this week so she brought the baby and left her two sons with her husband. Tamara babysitted for Taryn while she was working. The two baby girl cousins are two weeks apart in age.

The timing was perfect for me to not only check in on Sydney and Liam but to get to see Emerson. You have to take advantage of those moments because time goes very quickly and before you know it they are grown.
My friend Helen and I had lunch yesterday then went to Tamara's house to visit and hold babies.

We played with Sydney and Emerson for a while then they fell asleep.

What a fun afternoon! They are so precious.

Helen Holding Emerson

Cousins, Sydney and Emerson

Liam, Tamara's Son

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Bobio

You may have noticed I have a song displayed on this blog in the upper right hand corner that you can click on to hear. It is a song that I wrote and recorded inspired by my love for my husband. The lyrics express my love using analogies of feelings. The feeling when you see the beauty of God's creation, a thrill you may get from an accomplishment, or from something you do or see.

This song is my valentine's message to my husband who I have been married to for the past almost 25 years. He has been my inspiration, my support, and has brought me more happiness than I thought possible.

"Those Are the Feelings I Have For You"

Like the rhythm of the evening tide
The thrill of a roller coaster ride
Like the warmth from the sunshine
The first to cross the line

Like the smell of a flower
How the clock strikes every hour
Like the softness of the rain drops
The harvest of the farmer's crops

Those are the feelings I have for you
Feelings, words can't express my love so true

Like a baby's first cry
The chill from a breeze passing by
Like the feeling from the first snow
Waking sounds of the rooster's crow

Like the beauty of the mountains
The water flowing from the fountains
Like the stars shinning in the night
How the moon reflects its light

Those are the feelings I have for you
Feelings, words can't express my love so true

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tomorrow is Angie's birthday! Everyone agrees that Angie is very photogenic. I actually tried to find some bad photos of her and could not. She always takes a good picture. I did get lucky and found a couple of funny ones.

Angie, we all love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday Angie!

Angie with Brent on the left and Angie with her Dad on the right

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last night we attended Peyton's last basketball game of this season. Their team lost by one point. They were trailing for a while, then went one point ahead. The other team came ahead again at the end of the game. It was a very exciting game and they all have much to be proud of. Brooke was there and Peyton's high school team was playing Brooke's high school team. Brooke was very quiet. I know that she was struggling with her loyalties between her cousin and her school.

Peyton's Last Basketball Game of this Season

Friday, February 4, 2011

I have a brother living in the Chicago area. He emailed the next two pictures below which were taken at his house the day before yesterday. I love the photo of the door with the imprint of the door from the snow.

My Brother's Front Door From Outside View

My Brother's Front Door

Where Are We?

After being house bound all week we woke up this morning to more snow and still below freezing temperatures. We have some frozen pipes and I hope they don't burst. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is supposed to be above freezing tomorrow. I really hope there will be some serious melting because I need to take a trip to the grocery store. The nearest one is 20 minutes away. It is still hard to believe that it was 74 degrees last Sunday.

Fort Worth Texas?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

After the most beautiful weekend of sunshine and 74 degree weather, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is paralyzed with ice, snow, high winds and extreme cold temperatures. It started last night with ice first then snow. Bob is working from home today and schools and many businesses are closed. We are not equipped to take care of the road conditions because this happens so rarely that it is not worth having the equipment such as what people have in the north. Most of us stay at home but I am concerned that my son John is driving from Austin to home in North Richland Hills today. I would rather he stay there until conditions are safe.

This morning on TV I saw two buses behind a sand truck going from Los Colinas to Arlington. The buses were carrying the Green Bay Packers in preparation for the Super Bowl.

I don't know if you can tell from the photo below but the wind is so fierce that it is blowing huge waves on the lake. I saw a group of little birds flying then pulled down by the winds and swirled around like a cyclone right next to the water. Somehow they regained control of their flight and continued on.

We have a lot of family in Chicago and in the northern states. Look out! It's coming to you and I am sure it will be with the domino effect.

Bob Shoveling Snow from our Driveway

The Lakeside of our House