Friday, January 31, 2014

Double Decked Patios of the new Kona Grill / Ft. Worth TX. overlook University Avenue with a clear view of the "Modern Art Museum." To the south  is the Will Rogers Center and to the north and back of the restaurant is the trendy new 7th street area of Ft. Worth.  Bob Cheney (young Bob) is the General Manager. As family members we attended the VIP party celebrating the opening of the new restaurant next week, February 6th.  Impressive was the decor, the outstanding food and delicious drinks served by the very competent and friendly servers.
Talking with Bob's boss Michael, he said that Bob sets the positive tone for all the employees.  He added that if you start with that tone at the top it will continue with everyone else.  It is true that Bob is constantly aware of what is going on. If you watch him you will only get a glimpse of Bob as he scurry's around to all areas of the restaurant making sure everything is going well. Bob is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and fill the roll of any person's job if needed at certain moments.  Michael said he is confident this Kona Grill is in excellent hands.
A humbled Bob with watering eyes but expressions of excitement told me he is very pleased with the new team  and said he feels very blessed to open this new / fabulous Kona Grill of Ft. Worth.

You don't always you get to share in your kid's career moments but last night was special for us as we were so grateful to be part of it.

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Welcome to Kona Grill, Ft. Worth TX. !

Bob Cheney, General Manager at Kona Grill / Ft. Worth TX.

Sushi Samples at Kona Grill / Ft. Worth TX

Part of the Dinning Area Overlooking the Kitchen at Kona Grill / Ft. Worth

Drink Anyone? These Bartenders ROCK! Kona Grill / Ft. Worth

Bar/ TV Screens / Kona Grill at Ft. Worth

Where's the Rest Room?

Upper Deck Patio and Bar at Kona Grill / Ft. Worth

Painted Mural on Wall of Kona Grill / Ft. Worth

Lighted Wall Lettering Decor at Kona Grill / Ft. Worth

View of Bar area in Kona Grill / Ft. Worth

Angie and Brent

Rob and Joy

Big Hand, Little Fork ? or Little Hand, Big Fork?

Back - Left: Joy, Rob, (young Bob) Brent, Angie, Bob - Front - Left: Brooke, Barb and Austin

Bob, Wilson and Wilson's Friend

Barb and Rob

Lower Patio at Kona Grill / Ft. Worth

Bar at Kona Grill with Servers in Action

Bar Area at Kona Grill in Ft. Worth

Rob and Brooke

Bob, Barb and Brooke

Aquarium at Kona Grill featuring Yellow Tangs

Aquarium at Kona Grill

Angie, Bob, Barb, Rob, Brooke and Austin

Brooke, Joy and Austin

Angie, Brooke and Joy

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back To The Road Trip.....................

After leaving San Francisco we drove up to the wine country for a couple of days.  It had been several years since we were there.  Things have changed so much.  It is very crowded.  It is also recommended that appointments are prearranged for visits to the wineries. You can plan on spending 25.00 per tasting. I was kind of disappointed but it is still a beautiful place to visit.

Below are some images of the Redwood Forest and the California Coast.

Car Driving Through the Chandeleir Tree

Bob Standing Under Chandelier Tree in Redwood Forest

Hollow Tree in the Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest of Northern California

Beautiful Rocky Coast of Northern California

Thursday, January 2, 2014

You may have noticed I didn't get through the pictures of our road trip and haven't made any posts in the past couple of months.  It is only because we have been having too much fun and terribly busy.  We had a lot of family members visiting.  It started with Bob's brother Lee. Then followed with Jane's family for a week at Thanksgiving.  After Thanksgiving my brother Stan and Terri visited for a few days. Bob and I also took a mini trip to North Padre Island by Corpus Christi for a few days. That was my birthday present. I love little get-away's especially by the ocean.  As it turned out it was the best possible time we could have left the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  We had the worst ice storm since we have lived in this area.

I posted random pictures from the past two months.  Unfortunately, many of the pictures I took at Thanksgiving were blurry.  I didn't notice one of the settings were wrong.  Viewing the picture on the camera looked as though the picture was OK.  It doesn't help that I was not wearing my glasses at the time either.  I am very upset with myself.  I could tell many of the blurry pictures would have been great ones and so many people were left out.  I apologize to my family.

I will continue the photos from our road trip in a few days.
Happy New Year to all of my followers.

Christmas 2013 Tree and Decorations on Balcony Overlooking Living Room

I love putting the tree and decorations in the balcony overlooking the living room.  The tree is out of the way but yet the center of attraction.  At night the reflection from the lights are imaged on the windows in front of it so it can actually be seen in two places.  It's kind of cool.

Terri and My Brother Stan at Joe T. Garcia's

Brittany and Peyton , Thanksgiving 2013

Jack, Thanksgiving 2013

Rob and Austin (Thanksgiving 2013)

Brooke and Gerald (Thanksgiving 2013)

John, Joy and Jane (Thanksgiving 2013)

Bob and Barb with Jake Thanksgiving Week 2013

Golfing Week of Thanksgiving 2013 Jane, Bob, Chris D. , John and John D.

Brooke and Rob (Bowling after Thanksgiving 2013)

Brooke and Jake at the bowling alley with Bob in the Background

Ben and Jane at the Bowling Alley after Thanksgiving (2013)

Bowling (after Thanksgiving) Rob and Joy

Christmas Eve 2013 Austin, Joy, Rob and Brooke