Friday, January 31, 2014

Double Decked Patios of the new Kona Grill / Ft. Worth TX. overlook University Avenue with a clear view of the "Modern Art Museum." To the south  is the Will Rogers Center and to the north and back of the restaurant is the trendy new 7th street area of Ft. Worth.  Bob Cheney (young Bob) is the General Manager. As family members we attended the VIP party celebrating the opening of the new restaurant next week, February 6th.  Impressive was the decor, the outstanding food and delicious drinks served by the very competent and friendly servers.
Talking with Bob's boss Michael, he said that Bob sets the positive tone for all the employees.  He added that if you start with that tone at the top it will continue with everyone else.  It is true that Bob is constantly aware of what is going on. If you watch him you will only get a glimpse of Bob as he scurry's around to all areas of the restaurant making sure everything is going well. Bob is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and fill the roll of any person's job if needed at certain moments.  Michael said he is confident this Kona Grill is in excellent hands.
A humbled Bob with watering eyes but expressions of excitement told me he is very pleased with the new team  and said he feels very blessed to open this new / fabulous Kona Grill of Ft. Worth.

You don't always you get to share in your kid's career moments but last night was special for us as we were so grateful to be part of it.

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