Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bob spent Christmas day in the hospital after having what they think was a seizure on Christmas Eve day. Joy and Jane brought a little Christmas to Bob on Christmas by bringing a small Christmas tree, a mistletoe toe, a Santa and some cookies.  Oh, and Joy left a trace of a kiss on his cheek as seen on the photo.

After many tests Bob was finally released yesterday evening.  Angie moved her Christmas Eve party to last night. A few family members and friends who are family attended her wonderful party.  She had a taco bar and many sweet temptations. We also played the Christmas gift exchange game. Angie has the perfect Christmas house.  Thank you Angie.

The tests showed Bob had a small stroke since the August 13th stroke but they are not sure when that happened.  They are pretty sure the Christmas Eve episode was a seizure.  There is new blood in the area of the two strokes which makes it impossible to know the cause stemming from these strokes. The doctors are concerned about a couple of (scary) possibilities but they are waiting a couple of months for the blood to go away before they can do more testing to make any conclusions.  Although I cried uncontrollably the other night, Bob and I have chosen not to worry. And, to have hope and faith by living each day to the fullest with thankfulness to God for all that he gives us.  


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