Monday, August 17, 2015

Last week we were visited by Bob's sister Mary Ann and her family.  They had previously attended a gaming convention in Austin.  They must have really enjoyed it.  The kids said it was the best vacation they ever had. It must have been fun for them considering they are a family that goes to Disney World every year. We enjoyed having them here.  It was nice to have some one on one time with everyone. When we do see them it's only about once a year and for two or three hours.  The photos below are of an evening at Eagle Mountain Lake.

The one year anniversary of Bob's stroke was last week.  Bob is doing really well.  He walks more smoothly and most of the time he goes without a cane around the house.  His speech is much better but he still sounds like he has an accent because he has trouble pronouncing his L's and R's.  The speech therapist graduated him a couple of weeks ago. There is more work to be done with his hand and arm but he makes improvements every day.  He works diligently and is so inspiring to everyone he meets.  It is starting to seem normal again.  Sometimes I forget he can not do certain things.  He started driving himself everywhere and I can't even say how much help that was to me and how much of a sense of freedom it gave Bob. When Bob and I look back on this time last year and realize everything he has been though and where he is now we are both so thankful and grateful to God for giving both of us strength and for His healing power.

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