Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Until things changed for Bob and I we hosted most of the holiday parties.  This past Labor Day weekend Casey and Joy took over.  Casey had a pool/barbecue party and Joy had a party at the lake house. We all brought some meat in a crock pot and a side dish. Our thanks to Rob for giving boat  rides to the guests and our thanks to Joy and Casey for hosting. They both opened their home not only to family but to friends. Thank you so much.

Something happened at the lake house I want to share.  I was so proud of Joy who gave one of the guests the Heimlich and saved her life.  I'm not going to mention the name of the guest to possibly save embarrassment to that person.  But, I couldn't believe what was happening in front of my own eyes in a matter of a few minutes.  That person is alive today because of what Joy did. It was surreal.

Joy made the sign for Casey, pictured below (Larson's Lounge) for her birthday.  John and Casey have a living area on their back patio next to the pool.  I think the sign completes the area.

I didn't get pictures of everyone but below are a few.  Click older posts to see everything.

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Maria C said...

Wow! What a scary incident! It's a good thing that Joy was quick on the uptake! Whew!

You have passed your generosity and sense of family to your kids. I know they are only too happy to take over. In a family like yours, where everyone wants to share in the responsibility and the fun, and genuinely like each other, entertaining is not a shore, but a joy.