Saturday, May 7, 2016


I have been keeping this blog for the past nine years and this post is the most painful post I have had to make.  My blog is mainly a family and travel blog.  My brother Tim passed away a couple of weeks ago.  In the past 9 years Tim has had about 4 open heart surgeries and in the past 8 years he has been having constant treatment to fight cancer.  And, a fighter he was!  I have never seen anyone fight so hard to live.  He told me once he wanted to stay alive to see his grand-children.  He was a great brother, brother in law, husband, father, grand-father uncle and cousin to many. Tim had a warm personality that brought his true spirit to surface. Growing up, I shared music with Tim and my other brothers and sisters by playing instruments and singing together.  Music was our bond.

Tim served in the Army and fought in Vietnam.  Wounded just three weeks before coming home from Vietnam he earned a bronze star and two purple hearts.

Tim was a family man and also belonged to Green Street Harmony, Tippicanotes, and Sound Sensation Barbershop groups. Tim loved singing.

Tim's wife Linda, Four boys, Aaron, Michael, Matt, Scott, and seven grandchildren survive him.  Tim was my first sibling to come into my life and the first sibling to leave my life.  We were very close and he is going to be missed. My heart is broken.  Rest in peace Tim.  

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