Friday, August 23, 2013

After leaving Indiana we drove to Chicago where we stayed with Ben, Jane and Jake.  We took a weekend trip to Lake Geneva.  My sister Cece and husband Tim met us in Lake Geneva and spent the afternoon boating. Afterwards we all went to dinner. They live in Appleton WI. and we appreciate them driving there to meet us.  It had been a long time since we visited.
We were also privileged to attend Jake's all-star baseball game which they won.  Since Bob is retired we were able to spend a little more time than usual.  It was definitely a quality visit and we had so much fun.  We also visited with my brother Sy and wife Hollie along with their daughters Denise and Lisa with her husband Nick. One of the days we went to visit with Ben parents.  Ben's brother and his family paid us a visit also.  One evening we attended a concert in Glendale Heights during a festival.  Jane and Joy's friend Amy and her friend met us there. We also had dinner one night with our friends Joe and Char.  As I am giving a detailed account of what we did and the people we saw I realize we were pretty busy.
In my next post I will bring you some photos and stories of Bob's family reunion.   What a wonderful time we had!

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