Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This afternoon Bob was a part of a study with the students at the UT Therapy School.  They analyzed his walk and leg and foot functions and suggested treatments as part of their study and training.  They also attached some electric stimulation to his legs and watched him walk.  Bob said it felt weird but was helpful in walking.

If you follow my blog or are family or a friend you will know I had Polio when I was a child.  My right side was stricken with weakness and my right foot and leg are still a challenge for me more and more as I get older.
Karen heads the UT Students and does the UT Studies that Bob is a part of.  She said she was worried about my walk and offered to examine my foot and try and help me get into a better situation for a brace.  These words were golden to me as I have not been able to get anyone to understand my needs. As Bob has been attending the therapy sessions I have watched all of the patients come and go with their streamlined braces. I think I was having "brace envy." The braces I have had have been absolutely worthless to me.  Karen also noticed my left foot has a drop. On her own time she gave me a brace for each foot to try.  I am trying them out and they seem to be exactly what I need.  I have to get used to them and she is going to try and attach something softer around my ankle.  (the right foot and ankle turns drastically)  I will of course pay for the braces and she said they were inexpensive.  How can you even put a price on something that will help you to walk.  Karen, where have you been all of my life.  I have been to several doctors and brace people and no one has seemed to care enough or know enough to be able to help me.  I am so grateful.  How can you repay someone for something like that?    

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Angela2932 said...

135Barb, I am so happy to see this! I hope you get something that really, really works for you! Never give up!