Monday, November 3, 2014

What's new with Bob?

There are many improvements every day but they are small. People who see Bob maybe once a week will notice the progress more than Bob or I will.  Our days have been filled with a lot of driving to Dallas and Grapevine to see various therapists.  When Bob is not seeing a therapist and at home he is constantly doing exercises.

At one of Bob's study therapy sessions last week they took him upstairs to a lab where there were several video cameras coming from different angles pointed from the ceiling.  They attached several sensors to his body to capture the movement while he walked.  I hope I get the see those results.  It was very interesting.

Bob is walking more and has more movement in his arm.

The photo below was taken a few day after Bob came home from the hospital. The kids got together and ordered some T-shirts. I thought something was going on when everyone disappeared for a few minutes.  They danced down the steps carrying a radio playing the theme song from Rocky wearing those shirts. It was a big production. We really appreciate the support we get from our family.  

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