Wednesday, March 11, 2015

About a week ago we saw Bob's Neurologist to get results from the MRI he got the week before. They showed no new blood which is good. Unfortunately they don't know the reason for his stroke. It could be genetic and there is a blood test for that.  He will probably get it just to see for sure because he has siblings and it would be good for the family to know.  Of course we are not doctors but none of Bob's circumstances go along with that disease.  So, we don't think that is an issue. He is still in a lot of pain. His Botox appointment was canceled because of a clerical error between the doctor's office and the insurance company.  That should not have happened.  His next appointment is March 30th.  It is such a pity he has to suffer because of something like this.  They did prescribe a pain pill which has helped only a little. Not knowing the reason is disturbing because we don't know if it could happen again but actually do any of us know  what could happen to us that would change our lives completely or even end our lives.  It is best to have trust and not to worry.

The picture below is of Bob's nephew and God Son David, Bob and Bob's son Bob.  David was visiting last weekend from Ft. Sill in OKlahoma.  We had lunch at Kona Grill and drove around Ft. Worth. We really enjoyed our visit with him.

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