Sunday, March 1, 2015

Our weather has been very mild this winter until about a week and a half ago.  We have had snow and sleet and cold temperatures.  This is nothing compared to the North or East Coast but for us it is a problem because we do not have enough equipment to handle the snow and sleet.  Many people stay home from school and work when this happens.  I have enjoyed the down time a little.  Bob had to cancel and reschedule therapy appointments but we were happy he was able to make it to his MRI testing at UT.  We are very anxious to see where he stands with the healing of his brain.  At Christmas there was some new blood surrounding the area of the original stroke.  We are hoping that has gone away and they will find no more blood.  Bob continues to rehabilitate himself. He is so determined.  He is always working on something at home that will help either his walk or the use of his arm and hand.  Tuesday he is supposed to get some botox shots in his muscles.  I really hope the insurance company will get it all together and approved by then.  The nurse at the doctor's office said they keep requesting different forms to be filled out.  If they only knew what pain and tightness he has in him muscles.  He is really suffering which is also leading to very little sleep.  

Bob had a shirt made to wear when he enters a medical facility.  They always ask if he has been to Africa within the last 21 days even though they may have seen him the day before.  He has recieved a lot of laughs and some have taken pictures.

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