Saturday, April 18, 2015

The YouTube link goes to a video of Bob opening and closing his hand with some finger movement. This shows progress of the eighth month after his stroke.  He attributes this after many repetitions.

Bob's last UT Study Testing was this past Thursday.  We hope it was helpful to the study.  It was also helpful to Bob in many ways.  Although it was many trips to Dallas and we are happy not to have to make that trip we will miss the people involved.  They are a great bunch of people and were a lot of help to both Bob and I.

Because of insurance purposes Bob is trying to get all three therapies (physical, OT, and Speech) all in one place and together.  I hope it all works out well.

Bob is making so much progress but it has been a long, long road.  If you look back to where he began the progress is amazing!


Maria C said...

It truly has been an unbelievable journey. Someone with less determination than Robert, might not have made it this far. Good for both of you!

Maria C said...

Boy, I've missed so much on your blog! I know that you also post some of this stuff on Facebook, but I think I prefer to read it on your blog. I'll have to remind myself to visit more often. I've gotten out of the habit.

Maria C said...

I'm so happy to have been able to follow his progress thanks to your posts!