Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 4th 2015

How was your July 4th weekend?  Ours was low keyed but relaxing.  We went out the lake house on Eagle Mountain Lake and had a barbecue with family and a few friends.  There is not a place I would rather be than sitting on the porch watching the fireworks on the 4th.  It is so awesome!  There are fireworks all up and down the lake and they can be seen near and far. The only thing is, no one knows when to stop.  They are going well into the early morning.  I can't help but think of the cost of all of that shooting into the air and then, GONE!

Bob continues to work very hard going to therapists, getting various kinds of massages, working out at the NRH Rec Center and going to doctors.  He saw a specialist this week regarding his pinkie finger. There may be a torn ligament in the finger but they are not sure.  It is just kind of floppy and doesn't move like the other fingers.  He is wearing a figure eight splint to see if that will help before they do anything else.
Bob has found several machines that are helpful to his leg, arm and hand at the NRH Rec Center.  I usually go twice a week to walk in the current pool but Bob goes almost everyday. He seems to really enjoy it and has made a few friends.  He was telling me that a young man ran up to him as he was walking up the stairs and said " I just want to say that you are such an inspiration to me."  There have been several incidents similar to that and I think that though these people are encouraged by Bob, Bob is encouraged to see that his struggles are encouraging to others. It's funny how that works.  I am so delighted by his progress and so happy for him. I really need to do a video of that progress to show the difference and I will soon.  Even Bob's speech is improving dramatically.

This has allowed more time for me also. I have been busy with some paintings for some shows coming up.  It feels so good to feel almost normal again.   I am so thankful.    

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