Monday, June 29, 2015

If you are lucky you may have some friends that you may consider as family.  They are always there blending in.  They show up to family events and are just there for you. You let them in as a part of your family because you have become to love them as one of your family.  That is what Jeff was to me, my brothers and sisters for the past thirty five years. When Bob and I would go to Lafayette Indiana to visit he would many times call and say "hey, I heard you are going to be in town!" "Would you like me to call everyone and have them to meet at such and such time at such and such place?" Jeff knew everyone's schedules and how to get a hold of them.  (don't forget I come from a family of twelve kids) He called himself number 13 kid.  Jeff was also very hospitable, offering us a place to stay at his home.  When Mom was sick we took him up on it.  These seem like little things but it meant so much to us. God took Jeff home Saturday. We are really going to miss him. Jeff had a good sense of humor and was very kind. There will be a huge feeling of emptiness with out him.    

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