Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Joy and Rob are renting the lake house. We went out for Father's Day on Sunday. The second round of flooding was more than I have ever seen. We went from drought to flooding. The water reached up to two steps down from the porch. Everyone was joking you could fish from the house. The water is going down now and I really hope there will be no more flooding. It is scary to think the damage it could cause and has caused. I imagine the boat house is going to be in need of repairs. They took the boat out of the boathouse and tied it to the railing by the pier. There is a picnic table on the boathouse completely covered by water. Rob said he placed heavy stones on top of the table to keep it from floating away. There is much debris and green moss floating on top and washing a shore. We are so glad Joy and Rob are there to help us with everything. There is no way we could physically do it right now. Pictures do not show the reality of really being there. We had a small Father's Day celebration but it was nice.

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Maria C said...

It's truly unbelievable how the area has gone from drought to flood. Yikes! I wouldn't want to have to clean that mess! I'm glad Robert had a nice birthday. 60 huh? Where does time go?