Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bob is currently recovering for the Catheter Angiogram.  He is doing well.  I spoke with the surgeon and he said they didn't find anything.  The vessels look good and they did not see a tumor.  These are good things but it is a little unsettling because we still don't have any answers as to why the strokes.  We may never know why. There will be more testing at the end of February.  That fact that the angiogram showed good vessels and no tumor is a positive.  There could have been a tumor but it could have desolved or there could be one and it's not showing up. There are a number of possibilities.  The surgeons and doctor will be reviewing the pictures more detail at a later time today. So far, we are looking at the positives and hoping for the best.

Bob and I got up at 3:00 this morning.  Bob is resting but still struggles with pain in his arm and is experiencing muscle spasms.  The therapists have been trying some new things and I will get into that later.  Bob has been walking better and is now able to open his hand most of the time on command. We think the Saeble has really helped.

We had a three day weekend free of doctor appointments and therapy.  Our friends Carl and Jackie came for a visit on Friday.  It was great to see them as we had not seen them for a long time.  Also, the kids and grand-kids came on Saturday for dinner.  On Sunday our friends Helen and Rick came over and we also went to John's for brunch.  The weather here in Texas was in the mid sixties.  It was just all around a nice weekend.

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