Wednesday, January 28, 2015

These past few days the weather has been in the mid seventies.  We have enjoyed every minute especially realizing a good part of the country is covered in snow, cold and just terrible.  It is supposed to be in the fifties after today.  We have taken advantage and have tried to enjoy the outside when possible.  This past Sunday we drove out the the lake.  Unfortunately it is still down and the rain that has fallen has not helped much.  Hopefully this spring will bring enough rain to raise the water levels.

Bob is still working hard everyday trying different approaches to getting better and trying to do things to eliminate his tightness in his muscles and his pain. On Monday they tried some more dry needling in his ham strings and in his side.  It only helped for a short time then it even started irritating him in the back leg muscles.  I think he has decided this is not the answer.  On Monday he has an appointment to see a specialist to see if he will be a candidate for Botox.  If so, it will take about two weeks to get it approved by insurance and etc.  The somewhat successful things have been massage and a special massage which is called orthopedic therapy.  That is when they move you, stretch you, pull and etc.  Bob is up all hours of the night because of pain and tightness in his muscles. I hope something works for him soon.  So, Bob had a meltdown the other night yelling about something he later admitted was not a good enough reason to get so upset.  He apologized.  It is bound to happen sometimes.  He goes through so much frustration.  I am mentioning this in case someone in a similar position is reading this.  I mostly write about his success because he works so hard.  But, there are days that the frustration overcomes him and it overcomes me. We can only pick things up and keep going.

Tamara came over last week with her family.  We really enjoyed them and especially enjoyed the kids.  They are at such a cute age.  We went out to the lake and visited Joy, Rob, Austin and Brooke on Sunday.  Sunday evening John and Casey stopped by.  Young Bob came by and visited.  He has been helping his Dad walk by holding a belt around his chest.  This allows him to walk at a faster pace.  Last night Rob, Austin, Jack and Bob went for a boy's night out and had wings.  Joy and I had dinner together.  I really appreciate all that everyone has been doing to keep us going socially.  We are so limited on what we can do.  It helps to know we have such a great support group.  We love you all.  

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