Sunday, January 11, 2015

On January 20th they scheduled a Catheter  Angiogram for Bob.  Hopefully this will bring some light to some of the problems going on with Bob. If not, they may have to wait until the blood goes away in his head and look at the tests scheduled at the end of February.  He has been pretty good since the last time he was in the hospital.  Therapy is the greater part of his days and if not with a therapist then he has several exercises at home.  Bob is so inspirational to me just watching him.  He has such a desire to get better and self discipline beyond most people I know including myself.  The biggest thing I struggle with is seeing him in pain.  His shoulder and arm bother him all of the time. It even interferes with his sleep.  When at Physical Therapy this past Thursday they did what they call dry needling into the muscles.  It is the same as acupuncture.  The difference in the two titles is that the insurance pays for dry needling. This proved to be helpful.  It may require more sessions.

I feel I am getting somewhat organized.  The trips to Dallas and Grapevine have been reduced to only a couple of days a week instead of four or five days a week.  I am cooking more than I had been but I don't mind.  I even got into the studio over this past weekend and started a painting.  Being a caregiver you must have an outlet.

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