Monday, February 16, 2015

Guess what is new from last week!  Bob can pick up his i-phone and hold it, then let it loose.  He attributes that to using the Saebo.  It sounds like a small thing but it is all the small things that are bringing him back to normal.  His walking is getting faster (still slow) and his walk is a little smoother and I think he is feeling more secure with each step.  We are both grateful for all of the little improvements.

Remember I talked about getting some braces for myself from the UT Study Professor?  I have been wearing them for a while now and they are really helping.  They asked me to be a part of a class lab where I would go and walk for the students and answer some of their questions to allow them to analyze my brace needs and make a prescription.  I did that today.  It is kind of embarrassing to be watched by several students and etc. but I was very happy to do it.  No one else has ever been able to prescribe the right brace for me in my entire life.  I am so grateful and if my appearance today will help one person it will be worth it.

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Maria C said...

Lol! The moment you step into a medical facility, you become a lab rat. But that's okay. It's so not personal at all, and they are used to seeing people at less than their best. I hope that they truly can prescribe a better brace for you!