Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This past week brought many trips to therapists and doctor appointments.  Bob's doctor appointment on Monday led to an appointment scheduled on March 3rd to get botox injections in some of his muscles. We both have high hopes that this will alleviate pain and tightness in some of his muscles. The pain and tightness has been causing sleepless nights and has limited him in movement especially in his arm and hand.

Bob also had an interview with a UT person looking to do a study using an implanted stimulater to the vegus nerve. He was hoping this would aid in the progress of using his arm and hand.  Bob does not qualify for that because he had a hemorrhagic brain bleed.  They are supposed to call him back once they speak with his neurologist. The question is why is it he does not qualify because he had a brain bleed?  Just curious!

All of the Texas kids and some of the grand-children came over last Saturday for dinner.  That was nice.  We were missing Peyton because she was at school at UT Austin.  Peyton is too far to come home every weekend but Brooke is so close she comes home most weekends.  So, it seems like she really isn't away to the ones who don't live with her. Austin also had to be somewhere else.  We missed him but he is here most every time. Even Robert (young Bob) was here.  He usually has to work.  We always enjoy everyone's visit and it can never be too often.

Yesterday afternoon Bob and I went to see "Unbroken."  It is the first time we have gone anywhere with the exception of going to a restaurant, doctor appointments, therapy or to someone's house for a while.  I don't think I will attend that particular theater for a while because it was not handicap friendly.  Bob had to walk a long way but he still did well but it took him a long time and he was exhausted afterward.  I really liked "Unbroken."  I read the book and didn't think anyone could possibly bring out the soul of that story in a movie.  Even though there was a lot to be condensed I think Angelina did well in presenting the spirit of the story.  I think she should get more credit for that movie than she has gotten.  

The video below updates the progress in Bob's walk.  He is doing very well.


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