Monday, October 6, 2014

Bob had a very busy and physically exhausting day preparing to go home tomorrow.  I went in early to observe and help with part of it.  He practiced getting in and out of the car and did much better than last week.  He also gave himself a shower needing very little assistance.  PT had him to walk on the treadmill and also assisted him in walking up and down stairs.  Then Rudy took over for awhile.  He worked with Bob on  his shoulder, arm and hand movements.  Rudy is certified not only in PT and OT but in Neurology PT.  This is using different methods of PT in regards to the brain's responses.  He gets amazing results going outside the box of the usual therapy.  He taped Bob's feet up then taped a cloth to the bottom of his show with duct tape to allow his foot to go in the right direction.  Then Bob walked without a brace or a cane.  It is so interesting to watch him work.  Rudy has a passion for what he is doing.  You can tell he just wants to help people and make a difference.  Bob responds well to his methods.

Bob is very anxious to come home tomorrow.  He has been in the hospital for almost 2 months.  The staff at Zale-Lipshy has been to wonderful.  You can tell they are a bunch of men and women who love their jobs and love people and want to help them to get well.  Their positive and caring attitudes are really the face of that hospital.    

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Mary Ann 2444 said...

Rudy rocks!!! I saw him work fist hand with Bob (Robert) and he amazing. Robert is an amazing patient too!. I am so proud of you. Love from all in Wheaton.