Friday, October 3, 2014

I went to the hospital early today to watch Bob walk on the tread mill for the two ladies heading the study for walking. The study also includes the reaction of the heart as a result of the walking. They liked Bob a lot and want him to do the study.  They said he is a perfect candidate except for his name.  Bob asked what was wrong with his name and the lady said Bob was the name of her X husband. She was joking, I think. Excuse me for referring to them as ladies but I didn't get their names. So, Bob will go for some tests next week and should start the therapy at UT Southwestern after that. This is a wonderful thing because the therapy will be free and he even gets 200.00 for the study.  That will pay for the gas.  The first month he will go 3 times a week and the second month he will go 2 times a week. The hospital are trying to arrange for Bob to also have Occupational Therapy at home. (not a part of the study)  He won't have a speech therapist but he was issued a program to do at home and I am supposed to help him one hour a day.  Everything is falling into place.  The most exciting thing of all is that Bob is coming home!!!!!

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