Thursday, October 16, 2014

It has been a little over a week since Bob was released from the hospital.  It is so wonderful to have him home.  The picture below is of Bob with one of his Techs at the hospital.  She was so sweet.  She made Bob and I a blanket for a going away present.  Bob is holding his blanket in the picture. Michele and Bob seem to have the same sense of humor so they made a special connection.  There were so many great people working at Zale-Lipshy.  I can't possibly name everyone but here are just a few names. (Claudia, Robin, Michele, Melissa, Rodney, Julieta, Lillian, and Rudy, Caroline, Danaka, Lensay, Katie, Casey, Simon and many more)  Our thanks to all of them.

We have been very busy trying to schedule therapy schedules and getting set up at home to accommodate Bob's needs until he is completely recovered. Bob is doing really well.  He can walk with a cane for short distances. I feel that once his therapy is finished in a couple of months he will be almost or all recovered.  The therapy study at UT Medical Center is really high tech.  I will give more details later as he gets well into it. It is so interesting.

Last week Jane, Ben and Jake came to visit from Chicago.  They stayed at John's house.  Our friends Glenda and Dave from Indiana were also here and stayed with us.  It was very helpful to have friends here both socially and they were able to lend a hand several times. Glenda, and Jane and Jake raked some leaves and bagged them for us.  It was wonderful visiting with everyone.  Of course, Glenda and Dave had their tickets for months and we had different plans.  You never know what may change in your life.  It all worked out though.  They said they really enjoyed themselves too.  Jane, Ben and Jake are coming back Christmas and we are very excited about that.

I have more to post but this is all I am going to do tonight.  I just wanted to let everyone know things are going well.  It is just that everything goes slow but all is good. We are so thankful.

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