Thursday, October 2, 2014

I wanted to wait until today to post.  On Thursdays the doctors and staff get together to evaluate the patients and make decisions.  Bob's dismissal is still on for Tuesday.  We are both very excited.  I am making preparations for his arrival at home with the help of some of the kids and my friend Helen and her husband. We are needing to put in grab bars and change the shower head and etc.
Tomorrow Bob will be evaluated to be part of a therapy study at the UT Medical Center.  His therapist thinks he will qualify.
On Monday I will be in early so Bob can practice getting in and out of the car.  They will also be filling me in on his home care needs.
Some of Bob's visitors have been Steve, Ann Marie, and Dave from work. Yesterday Robert came up and played Texas Holdem with Bob.  He is doing well with his knee after surgery this week.  Rob and Austin also came up and Austin also played Texas Holdem with Bob. John visited too.
Joy has been in New York all week and was supposed to come home tonight but her flight was canceled due to bad weather here.
Angie just called and said she was on her way over.  Bob talked her into stopping at Sonic for a shake.  Yum!
Things are looking up but we know Bob has a ways to go in therapy.  It is just amazing how far he has come. We are all feeling so thankful.

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