Friday, August 15, 2014

Bob had a stroke Wednesday afternoon.  I was shocked when I got the call because he had gone to the doctor on Monday and it appeared to his doctor he had a pinched nerve. The next few days are critical and they are hoping the swelling from the blood on the brain will be reduced. Last night he showed some improvement. He had some movement in his left arm, hand, and leg for a moment encouraged by his nurse.  He said it felt like pins.  He also started saying three syllable words and putting them in sentences. This is huge.

During all of this Bob has not lost his wit and sense of  humor.  I believe he must have been thinking about what to do when he would see his Grand-son Jack, eleven years old knowing it would be traumatic for him to see Grand-pa in this condition. Because, when Peyton and Jack walked in for the first time yesterday Bob was in and out of sleep and not responding much all day.  I touched his arm and said "Peyton and Jack are here."  He opened his eyes and greeted them them asking for the notebook and pen by signaling me with a writing motion. He was writing a lot and I couldn't wait to see what he had to say.  He handed to tablet to the kids and they started to laugh.  Bob started writing the Gettysburg Address.  I know it broke the ice and Bob knew that too.

Our Grand-son Jake, 12 years old living in Schaumburg Il. was beside himself at the news. He said to his Mom "I know a much better thing to do than to send Grand-pa a get well card.  His mom said" what is that Jake?"  Jake said" Send Grand-pa a Lou Malnati's Pizza!"

We are all hoping to see that full smile on Bob again very soon.  Thanks to everyone for your good thoughts and prayers.  I will continue to post Bob's condition as often as I can for updates.


Maria C said...

It's just so like Robert to comfort us with his jokes, to ease our fears. I am so thankful that he got help so quickly! He has two great things going for him: 1. He's in the best possible hospital he could be, and 2. He's surrounded by many people that love him and are sending prayers and positive energy his way. Please tell him how much we love him.

Anonymous said...

Barb - please let Bob know that we are thinking of him and keeping him in our prayers. I was happy to read that he's showing some improvements already!

God bless...

Pam & Walt Kirychuk

Darrin Smith said...

So good to hear Bob is making progress day by day.

Get well Bob!
Barb keep strong.
Sending our prayers.